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The Call Tracking Guide You Need to Read



Looking to get an edge overpast your competitors? Sure, everything helps from a good budget to a tailored digital marketing strategy for your needs, but what about the calls from potential leads that you are missing out on? While you can argue that leads from emails or other online sources form a significant part of your revenue, did you know that most people still prefer to call in at least once before purchasing going in for a product or service? It’s the personal touch that you cannot ignore.

A recent study by the Consumer by Consumer Federation of America says that as many as 9 out of 10 people don’t like not being able to reach a human operator when they are calling in for help or a query. As a business, you can’t allow that don’t want that. If you’re are looking to gain customer trust and build brand loyalty, you need to explore call tracking. It makes tracking inbound calls easier, and insightful. You get to know which of your marketing campaigns practices policies earn you the most lead promotions, and how you could better tailor your services according to customer needs.

How Does Call Tracking Help?

If you are using a landline, business number, or voice over internet protocol (VoIP), none either of these which are is connected to your online or offline marketing campaigns, therefore marketing site or offline advertising, all the information gained by prospective customers is lost once the call ends. However, call tracking allows you to determine your return on investment (ROI) by keeping a record of the customer’s’ interactions with your company on any platform. For instance, you can tell when the prospect first visited your website, the number of times they viewed the site, which webpages they explored, or whether they found your website through organic search or responded to online ads. If your advertisements costs are spent more on billboards, banners, radio or television, you might want to give the call tracking a look try the look.

The Best Call Tracking Software for Agencies Today

The section below lists some of the best call tracking software that is recommended for use by marketing agencies.


CallRail provides various packages for users at $30, $45 and $120 per month. It is used by over 100,000 companies to improve return on investment through advertising, and, boosts the number of inbound calls while helping companies and discover conversation intelligence. Form Tracking, Instant Setup, and Local and Toll-free setup are just a few of CallRail’s attractive pull factors.


If you’re looking for a complete call tracking solution that comes with advanced features like speech analytics, CallGear is your best bet. you know where to look at. You can use the Dynamic Number Insertion to use different numbers for each caller, and track each of them separately. With the call logs and call source features, it’s is easier to know about your entire audience. Plus, they offer tailored call tracking solutions for different industries, including whether you’re are in the real estate, or in the travel, and much more industry.

Call Gear is popular among its users because of its easy UI and even easier third-party integrations. There are a few You have different monthly plans to choose from, and each is they are tailored to your business needs. The ‘Starter’ pack, for instance, starts from as low as $30 per month. Plus, with their the free trial, you could know if it’s the right solution for you, without spending a dime.


Similar to CallRail, CallTrackingMetrics provides different plans and bundles for customers’ convenience. The ‘Business’ Plan, which works efficiently for small businesses, costs $19 per month and includes call tracking and reporting, call recording, tracking of online and offline campaigners and much more. The ‘Marketing Plan,’ costing $99 per month, encompasses all the ‘Business’ features, as well as unlimited sub-accounts, smart routing, custom fields and onboarding calls with specialists. The ‘Contact Centre Plan’ works well for contact centers and leads sellers with automation triggers, reduced usage fees, and custom actions.


Convirza offers appreciable call tracking services including local, toll-free, and vanity phone numbers in almost every area code. Vanity phone numbers have increased the number of inbound calls by almost thirty percent.

Convirza allows you to go through valuable calls, and enhance your sales and services, and helps winning back customers by instantly responding to missed calls. After the call ends, Convirza allows you to track and sort out your phone calls so that you can provide automation based on the results.


Phonewagon is deemed one of the best call tracking devices for agencies. A five-minute demo through the Phonewagon website gives you an overview of how to track campaigns and to search for the most effective ones. It also, helps you prove yourself to clients that you are generating phone calls, and provides a clear path to the high-value retainer clients. According to recent users, “Phonewagon takes your best-case scenarios and converts them into reality!.”

Improve On Your Business Insights and Do More!
Call tracking has allowed millions of users to increase leads and drastically improve develop lead-quality. With the deeper insights that you get and proven, it is easier to have strategies you can increase the increase that gives you more your ROI and grows your business.

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