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The differences between an integrated graphics card and a dedicated graphics card



A graphics card which is also referred to as a graphics processing unit is a card that enables the computer or system to generate a series of graphics or images. It is essential for all tasks that are performed on the computer, be it intensive gaming or in a workstation involving word processing.

An integrated graphics card is a computer whose (GPU) graphics processing unit, is combined in the same place as the CPU. The integrated graphics card is energy efficient as it is small which also makes it less expensive compared to a dedicated graphics card.

They are not suitable for work that involves tasks with graphics-intensive programs they are less powerful computers but can be used in a workstation such as secretarial duties. It can be used for some types of casual gaming computer games and 4K video watching. It is important to note that there is a sharing of memory in integrated graphics within the major system memory. This is the reason why it is sometimes indicated as shared graphics. If the RAM of your computer is 4GB with the shared graphics memory being 1GB, the total memory for your computing tasks is 3GB.

Modern processors possess an integrated GPU. Computers that possess dedicated graphics, the software will automatically change between the two as it balances between efficiency and performance. Sharing of graphics is mostly an option on devices where priority is on the compact size such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

A dedicated graphics card is a part of the hardware that manages the graphics activity of a computer. They are also referred to as discrete graphics or video cards. There are various kinds of graphics cards but they all have a RAM, GPU, and a fan to cool it. The reason that it has a fan is that it uses a lot of power compared to the integrated one. Dedicated graphics is also suitable for gaming computers though it is limited as it is less powerful. Despite all the things that this powerful gaming computer has it has its limitation but there are some features that will impress you to get this one and also the price will also determine. It is essential to look for those key features that you really need. Research and trying working with this two will enable you to know which is good for you can also ask experts to advise you on the best.

Computers that have integrated graphics cost less than those with the other type of card. However, this does not mean that they are the cheaper option though Apple uses them in almost all of its versions of the MacBook Pro; the most expensive and most powerful computers in this range. An example is AWD IT graphics card. What you need to do is look for what is best for you either the integrated graphic or dedicated graphic and choose what fits your computer.


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