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The history of Hormozgani music quoted by Ebrahim Etemadi



Ebrahim Etemadi, a young singer and musician from Hormozgani, entered the field of music since 2012.

So far, he has had a successful collaboration with Bastaki music greats, including Aslam Nazari, Omid Jahan, Rashid Bastaki, etc.

He grew up with Hormozgani music since childhood and is completely fluent in this sweet southern language. One of the unique attractions of Hormozgan that can only be found in this province is its music. Hormozgan is usually referred to as the cradle of Iranian music, and if you are interested in the world of traditional music, Hormozgan is one of the best choices for a tourist destination.

  In the context of the origin of Hormozgani music, Mr. Etemadi has quoted as follows: “The history of the musical art of Hormozgan province in its current form dates back to the time of slavery and human trade in this region… At that time, the cargo of slave trading ships It was black and they used to buy and sell slaves in the Persian Gulf.


Sometimes the conditions for these ships did not go well and due to factors such as storms and bad weather conditions, they were forced to dock in Iranian ports. Slaves could also use this opportunity and run away. If they don’t know how to do this, they would be sold.

Due to their grief, the black slaves gathered together at night and started singing and playing. There was hardly a night when they did not do this.

Over time and little by little, the work they used to get rid of suffering and sadness took on the flavor of local music, which eventually led to the creation of music in the south of our country.