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The keys to not hesitate when choosing accommodation



Choosing accommodation is one of the fundamental keys, one of the first points on the list to take into account when organizing a trip. There are more and more options when choosing where to stay and sleep on vacation.

At Interzum we have no doubts: the advantages of staying in a hotel are much broader than those of staying in another type of accommodation. Beyond the price of accommodation, there are many other reasons to choose one or the other. We tell you ours so you can stay in our hotels!

Why stay in a hotel?

As we mentioned, there is much more than the money you spend or the money you can save on your vacation accommodation or weekend getaway. One of the factors that matter to the vast majority of travelers is the location of the accommodation. Surely we are not wrong when affirming that staying on the outskirts of the city or having to travel very long distances to enjoy its charms, is not among the preferences of any traveler.

When you travel to a destination, the place where you stay is also part of the experience. It is not only about looking for an accommodation that offers a good bed to rest or a delicious breakfast to start the day. Depending on the destination you choose, we recommend that the place where you stay completes this travel experience. If you are not on a budget, booking luxury rentals and  villas can make your holidays perfect.

Cleanliness assured

Without a doubt, it is one of the great advantages of staying in a hotel. A vacation doesn’t end up being so if you have to worry about keeping the room clean and tidy. In hotels you can completely forget about it, since they have qualified cleaning teams that will leave your room like the first day: made bed, new towels, clean bathroom and not a trace of clutter.

Admit it, the joy of entering a hotel room every day and having it done is unmatched, and you can’t find that in any other accommodation.

Absolute tranquility

The soundproofing that hotels provide gives you extra points when looking for a night’s rest. When you sleep, surely you like to do it in silence, with absolute tranquility and without being disturbed by anyone. In our hotels we assure you that even if you are in the heart of the city, you will not hear any noise when you want to rest.

This tranquility and silence are advantages of staying in a hotel that are more important in the case of traveling, for example, for business or when you are so tired from your day that you just want to lie on the bed and enjoy the comfort of the mattress and the tranquility of your private room.

If before we have talked about the daily cleaning of the bathroom, it is also in this room where you will find one of the extra services that some of our guests appreciate the most: hygiene products and other amenities.

What do you want a snack at two in the morning? You will only have to call room service, choose your preference and wait a few minutes for it to be uploaded to the same room. It is a luxury!

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