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The Most Desirable Hot Wheels Redline Cars



Gone are the days when hobby was an activity done for pleasure to during leisure time. Now hobby has become passion and people are ready to do anything to accomplish their hobby.

Different people have different hobbies but collection of antiques and rare items is the most sought after hobby by people worldwide.

Collecting Hot Wheels Redline Cars is one such hobby and this is not restricted to any age or gender. You can find people hunting for these cars all over be it online or offline.

Some rare versions of these cars have given their owners huge dollars. A number which can’t be imagined even in dreams.

The craze for these cars has reached the next level now and if collectors are ready to pay any amount to make these a part of their collection.

Toy Experts from all across the world have a unanimous opinion that cars manufactured between 1968 to 1977 are the rare not only they are old but because of some history associated with them.

There was a wide spread debate as to which one of these cars should be kept in the list. All of them have a unanimous opinion on below mentioned name.

Here is the list of top 3 rarest and the most desirable Hot Wheels Redline Cars and the reason what made them so rare.

  1. Pink Rear Loading Beach Bomb
  2. Over Chrome Mustang
  3. Over Chrome Camaro

Pink Rear Loading Beach Bomb

Pink Rear Loading Beach Bomb outranks everyone to secure the top spot. This model was under sole possession of Mattel worker. The reason why it is unique is because its surfboards that heap through the back window.

Mattel was forced to change the structure as this model end up being too restricted and awkward. To rectify this issue Mattel made a side-mounted surfboard and a full-length plastic sunroof for a lower focus of as a substitution. The vehicles that were made for testing reason hence become uncommon. The rarity can be understood from the fact that till date, just two Pink variants are known to exist.

Over Chrome Mustang

This model was made for advertising purpose only and was never put to mass production. This was also under sole possession of Mattel employee and it is a mystery yet as how it managed to escape from that employee. The net worth of this car as predicted by toy experts is $40000

Over Chrome Camaro

Over Chrome Camaro is yet another model which was made with the sole purpose of promotion. Only few numbers of these cars were made. One additional thing that makes it rare is its manufacturing method. It resembles the way Christian ornaments are assembled.

These are the three top rarest version of Hot wheels redline cars. However, there are many other versions that have filled the pockets of their owners. If you wish to sell or know the vintage hot wheels value, then you won’t have to put extra efforts. Crazy collectors will themselves contact you. The only thing that you need to worry is to look for the right buyers who can match the value of your collection.

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