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The potential of the Internet and the digital world for your business



All of us who have or have had businesses; businessmen, entrepreneurs or freelancers, have surely wondered how to take advantage of the Internet and the benefits of digital marketing?

If you have a business and you still don’t know it, in this post we will tell you what are the benefits and what a company can be missing to reach ideal and profitable customers, improve brand positioning, grow and have better results with marketing objectives.

The advantages of digital marketing are clearly seen when the general concept of marketing is understood as:

“The discipline of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers in a way that is profitable for the company”.

Understanding the concept of marketing we can identify the benefits in three variables in which we will go into detail about the benefits of each one, later on.


On the Internet and with the many tools for digital marketing we can conduct digital market research to identify the needs and desires of our Buyer persona or customers, as well as identify our competitors and their strategies, among others.

Verification or Anticipation

Thanks to the Internet and marketing strategies, companies can foresee and anticipate market changes, verify the demand for products and services, allowing them to control the resources needed to invest in marketing as recommend agencia marketing digital madrid


The goal of digital marketing is to achieve customer satisfaction through the company’s digital channels.

Therefore, businesses with a presence in traditional channels are increasingly taking advantage of the advantages and benefits of digital marketing for businesses.

This is a great opportunity not only for big brands who have developed their markets, but now small and medium-sized businesses can also expand their market with a digital strategy.

Main advantages of online marketing

The opportunities and benefits of digital marketing for SMEs and all types of businesses that can be achieved with digital marketing strategies based on the above groups are:

main advantages of digital marketing for businesses

1. Increased sales with market penetration

Internet is used to sell, with your products you can reach not only your current customers, but you can expand and increase sales by reaching more customers in your market that you could not reach before.  

Websites for example, as one of the most important digital channels in the digital strategy allow you to have greater reach and serve more customers with direct sales, more than in the traditional channel. This is because it facilitates the buying process.

2. Product development

The Internet opened the doors to the development of new products and services, allowing companies to diversify their business units and their portfolio with digital products, for example, virtual courses and e-books.  

3. Diversification

Another great advantage of the internet and digital marketing is to develop new products to sell in new markets, where the company does not have a presence.

4. Return on investment

Investments in digital marketing, in most cases generate a higher return on investment roi, than with traditional marketing strategies or offline (off-line).

Marketing investment costs are minimised in relation to reach, i.e. we can reach more potential customers at a lower cost.

Online advertising or marketing campaigns can increase the conversion rate and increase sales with the same budget. This is a further benefit, the savings.

This translates into a lower cost of customer acquisition, the CAC is the indicator that measures how much it costs the company to get a new customer.

5. Improve customer service

With digital channels you can establish customer service strategies in real time, whether automated through a chat, or a direct WhatsApp channel on websites or social networks.

Turning these media or communication channels into a great service tool and adding value to the brand when through them the required information is delivered in a timely manner, feedback is provided and online dialogues are established.

Communication that can even be 24/7, generating more engagement, helping to build customer loyalty and positioning your brand.