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he corset, that garment that brought nineteenth-century women headlong, has returned, and has been done by the world godmother of trends such as contouring or boxer braids. Kim Kardashian, the woman with the most prominent celluloid curves, knew that no one would overlook her photos on Instagram showing off her wasp waist thanks to the use of a reducing girdle. Fashion that her sisters Khloé, Kourtney and recently Kylie quickly joined, as well as other celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba or Amber Rose, and from which “waist training” was born, but what exactly is it about?

The «waist training or waist training is a method that seeks to shape the area between the hips and the rib cage with the work of frontal and oblique abdominals, enhancing the natural curves of the female body and achieving that desired figure of hourglass with the help of a corset or girdle that compresses the contour.

The most famous of the Kardashians began to wear the shaping girdle after giving birth, presenting the method on social networks as the “great anti-weight miracle.” Obviously the results are obvious because just by putting it on the figure seems more molded due to compression; another question is if it really works and if its use alone really stimulates weight loss.

The girdle or corset, according to the rules of “waist training”, must be worn to practice sports (although it is already beginning to be abused and there are many celebrities who hide it under their red carpet and street style outfits) to progressively achieve the decrease in diameter of your waist . But you have to take into account certain important aspects, the first is that the girdle is just a supplement that increases the benefits of following a healthy diet and practicing exercises. Don’t forget the golden rule for a perfect body: 70% diet, 30% exercise. So miracle girdles nothing at all.

Slimming Waist trainer is not reduced just by putting on the girdle or corset, but by eating well and doing metabolic and interval training along with specific work on the abdomen and waist. What’s more, its use does not facilitate the loss of fat but of body water by raising the temperature and making the body sweat more. We will recover fluids easily after drinking water and it will not affect weight loss at all.

Different types, the same goal

Reducing the waist is what all the girls who opt for the new method of weight loss from the stars are after. But there are different models to achieve it. The important thing is that they have an inner lining, although the Kardashian for example use it with a cotton shirt underneath. Check out the latest FeelinGirl best black Friday sales 2020.

Know the risks

By having the girdle or corset tight we will feel fuller and we will need less food, but beware of the rest of the side effects. The pressure creates acidity and other digestive disorders and due to the compression of the ribs the organs can end up displacing; It can cause obstruction of blood flow, breathing difficulties during sports activity (although we are not aware of it) and skin infections among other problems. For this reason, the practice of “waist training” should be carried out under supervision, progressively and with girdle or corset designs of the recommended specifications.