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The Ultimate Guide to Put A Stop To Scott & Co.’s Legal Action



Scottish trust deed is a well-known organization who help people out by giving them solutions to their problems related to debt. If you are worried due to Scott and Co.’s legal action, then you have come to the right place. We prevent Sheriff’s action, arrestment of your wage, and make sure that you can keep your belongings with you.

We help you overcome your issues and deal with Scott and Co. on your behalf by:

  • Talking to the Scott and Co. Sheriff
  • Stopping the Sheriff from visiting your place
  • Dealing with the local council
  • Setting up a reasonable plan for reimbursement

 Who Are Scott & Co.?

The Scott & Co. is a leading organisation, which has thirteen centres around Scotland. They deal with both private and public sector companies and collect debts. There is no need to worry if Scott & Co. get in touch with you. We at will guide you in a time of need.


The company is a member of various well-known platforms including the Institute of Revenues,  the Institute of Directors, the Credit Services Association, Rating and Valuation, and the Society of Messengers-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers.

What Will Happen if I Don’t Pay?

A debt that is not paid by its due date is followed by a reminder from the lender, asking for the payment with a deadline of 7 days. Once this date is overdue, the instalment payment option will be revoked. Nevertheless, as a second reminder, 14 more days will be given for paying the overdue sum.

How to Make a Complaint about Scott & Co Sheriff Officers

You can make a complaint against a Scott and Co sheriff officer who has been unjust when dealing with you. The 1st thing you need to do is write a complaint to Scott & Co. If you are unsatisfied with their answer, you can complain to the Sheriff Principal, after which your matter will be in their hand.

Council Tax Debt

In case your debt of council tax is overdue even after the two reminders, then the local council will request a summary warrant to the Sheriff Court. If it is approved, the information regarding your name, address and the sum you have to pay will be given to Scott & Co.

In these circumstances, you will have to pay 10% fine in addition to the overdue amount of Council Tax. Scott & Co. will contact you and send you a summary warrant which will state the procedure you need to follow to pay the overdue sum.

You can also make a reimbursement agreement with the Scott & Co. if you do not want to pay the fine. After the second reminder, the local council can enforce action through Scott & Co. Sheriff Officers, to get the money.

They have the power to take the money from bank accounts and your possessions. With an Exceptional Attachment Order, they can also stop you from the sale of your property. There are various ways in which Scott & Co. can enforce action:

  1. Confiscation of Income
  2. Confiscation of Bank Account
  3. Request for an Exceptional Attachment Order from the Sheriff Court
  4. Attachment of property outside your home
  5. Bankruptcy
  6. Preventing from the selling of your property

You can take time from Court to Pay Orders

If you want to avoid any legal actions from taking place, you can request the court for some time to pay order after the fine for payment is stated. In this way, you can use the instalment payment option and also avoid the council from enforcing actions on you.

The Confiscation of Income

Scott & Co. can subtract the sum overdue from your salary (excluding the tax). This is known as earnings arrestment, and it is put in place when your debt is not paid off on time. This will stay intact until the overdue amount is collected. In addition to this Scott & Co.’s fee will also be deducted with it.

The Scott & Co. will send you a debt advice packet, 12 weeks prior to the start of the earnings arrestment. This allows you time to take precautions. Even when the earning assessment is in place, if you get your request for a time accepted, you can prevent this.

Confiscation of Bank Account

Scott & Co. can also put arrestments on your bank account, meaning that you will not be able to use the account on your name. This will happen out of the blue, which will put you in a grave situation. The only way you can overcome this is by giving permission; a mandate.

In this mandate, you will agree to give the total sum of council tax you owe. Scott & Co.’s fee will also be deducted in this. If you do not take any action on your bank arrestment, then after a period of 14 days, the bank will release your funds.

You can also request Scott & Co. to make some of the money available to you; if your account is this way, you will have to accept to arrange the order for the debt. In addition to this, you can also get your request for time to pay order, accepted.

Attachment of Property outsidethe Home

In case your council tax is overdue even after the second reminder, and you have also not requested for time to pay order or a debt plan, then beware, because Scott & Co. will have power even over your belongings.

Scott & Co. will confiscate and sell your possessions that are outside your house. Also known as land attachment or attachment of goods, this will leave you in a bad situation. Furthermore, the fee of Scott & Co. will also be paid by you.

Keys to Avoid Scott & Co

Scottish Trust Deeds

Scottish Trust Deeds is a government body of law, which assists people to handle their payments and pay off their debts. The schemes unaffordable can be used to pay off debt, and the amount paid depends on the amount, situation and interests.

A reasonable monthly payment is decided with your creditors. During this period of 48 months, the debt collectors and sheriff officers are kept away from you. By the end of this time period, if you had adhered to the reimbursement plan, you can easily get your financial stability back.

Services Offered at Scottish Trust Deed

The services available at include business to business debt collection, status enquiries/company searches, repossessions, small & ad hoc debts collected, tracing, utility debt collection, collector accredited, consumer non-regulated debt, field collections, process servicing.

Debt Arrangement Schemes

Debt payment program is also a way to pay council tax. This is done by regular payments, which will also prevent the council from enforcing any form of action towards you. Once you join this program, the fees, fines and interest on the debt will be suspended as long as you make the regular payments.

In case Scott & Co. Sheriff Officers cause damage to your property on entering by force; then the council will be responsible for paying for the damage. Only in some cases the charge is put in the fee of the Scott & Co. and have to be paid by you.

Even when Scott & Co. have an Exceptional Attachment Order, they can only enter when there is someone who can understand them. An individual who is at least 16 years old and be able to speak and understand English.

Some personal items are not attached in the Exceptional Attachment Order including items like fridge, furniture, cooking utensils. However, Scott & Co. officers have the power to attach an item which they find not in need by you.