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This is the first autonomous smart contact lens



French researchers have developed the prototype of what constitutes the first autonomous smart lens that integrates a flexible micro battery and that seeks to revolutionize the market, now stagnant, of smart lenses.

The project carried out by the optics department of the IMT Atlantique technology school and the flexible electronics department of the Georges Charpak Center consists of a contact lens whose electronic device is powered by a micro-battery that supplies power autonomously.

“The problem of storing energy on a small scale is a real challenge,” acknowledged Thierry Djenizian, one of the experts leading this research, in a statement.

According to scientists, this battery has been able to continuously supply a light source such as a light-emitting diode (LED) for several hours. Also, a collaboration with contact lens manufacturer LCS allowed realizing this prototype by incorporating an augmented reality technology.

Although it is a prototype, “this first implementation is part of a larger and more ambitious project that aims to create a new generation of smart lenses related to the appearance of augmented reality helmets that have created new uses and opened markets “, has assured another of the scientists leading the project.

According to the researchers, the applications of these lenses are very broad, ranging from the field of health (through assistance in surgery) to that of automobiles (assistance to driving).

In addition, the project is an opportunity to integrate the latest advances in graphene based on flexible electronics, designed to work on transparent objects. For now, giants like Microsoft are already closely monitoring this prototype.