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This Is The Hotel For Gamers In Barcelona Where You Want To Sleep



The Arcade hotel for gamers that will open in Barcelona, ​​will offer themed rooms with computers and consoles in a cozy and close environment.

Since the splendor and establishment of video games in modern societies, we have seen competitions, fairs, gaming bars , etc. What we still had to see were hotels for gamers … until now!

The Arcade Hotel is a project of The Arcade Presents BV, a Dutch company that opened its first headquarters in Amsterdam in 2016 and will now open one in the capital of the county with its mind set on settling down and having more than 25 new establishments in the next years.

At the moment, it is just a project, although they have confirmed that one of their favorite places is Calle Caspe, near the Tetuán metro stop , a very central area. The date is also unknown, although it is likely to be between the end of this year and the beginning of next.

The hotel will be fully themed with video game elements and decoration, so that fans feel in a cozy environment. There will be specific rooms with many consoles (Xbox, Super Nintendo, NES, Game Cube, Atari) , arcade machines, computers … the essentials for all gamers who want to rest after an exhausting day playing a few games of their favorite games.

The rooms , which have names as peculiar as Luke and Leia, Double Impact or The Fantastic Four, can be from one to four “players”, with high-end computers, giant screens and retro consoles . The rooms for four people even have two televisions so that you can play on two devices at the same time. There will be some that even have small virtual reality installations and other consoles. The price ranges between €125 and €300 per night, depending on the number of guests and the time of year. There are also Game Rooms, 25-square-meter rooms with the best computers on the market and high-end peripherals.

The common areas will also include places with consoles to play with the rest of the people staying there, as well as a library with comics, shelves full of games from all eras and relaxation areas. But The Arcade Hotel not only wants to be a place where video game lovers want to sleep, but also a real agora and a place of welcome for the city’s residents. That is why they often organize round tables and conferences on, for example, the state of arcade games, as well as esports tournaments such as FiFA or Mario Karts.

One of the services offered by the hotel is a geek tour of the city , in which the guide, in addition to explaining and going through the most characteristic and symbolic points, will stop at video game stores, local developer offices and arcades. The duration is four hours and the approximate cost is €20 per person.

The Arcade Hotel

The director of the brand, Daniel Salmanovich, assures that his intention was to create “a special place for people who love to play video games” and to have “a space where travelers and gamers feel at home with their friends” . The one who will also predictably be the director of the Catalan project has confirmed that the first one has worked very well, since the rooms were expanded to 43 more and an additional €800,000 was injected for improvements.

On tourist accommodation pages such as Tripadvisor, the hotel has a rating of 3.5 out of 5 and very good opinions, highlighting its proximity to the center and its location in a very quiet area and next to parks and markets.

The Arcade Hotel will not be the first hotel for gamers in Spain. In Benidorm, the Magic Cristal Park opened 4 years ago, which, although it is not just gaming , does have 700 square meter facilities with more than 60 consoles and peripherals such as Oculus Rift or the latest generation steering wheels for a realistic driving simulation.

The arrival of The Arcade Hotel will make it more evident that Barcelona is a city that favors a positive environment with everything related to gaming . It is the headquarters of companies as important as the Professional Video Game League, organizes fairs such as NiceOnce Barcelona and also hosts teams and different video game developers.