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Tips and Remedies for White Teeth



Good oral grooming, correct toothbrush, particular toothpaste and mouth washing are also not sufficient to ensure a flawless and pleasing cosmetic smile. In reality, our diets and customs like crest 3d white strips online have a big effect on the health and beauty of our teeth. Worst rivals of our teeth are considered to be as given below:

  • Coffee
  • Chocolate:
  • Smoking

These are the key reasons for our teeth discoloration and many other mouth issues.

Dentist help for whiten your teeth

Dentists use the chemical bleaching, which involves applying of peroxide hydrogen, to whiten their patients’ teeth. However, be cautious: only on good teeth, free from tooth decay and other oral cavity conditions can this sort of procedure be done. The recommendation is to take oral hygiene specialist sessions and associated dental inspections every 6 months in order that these complications are prevented and teeth that are both safe and easier to maintain.

Natural remedies for white teeth

Natural white teeth therapies are also used in the history and still are effective conditions to have a pleasant smile. What you need to remember is that there are several different whitening techniques: more or less costly methods are available as well as some more or less offensive approaches. In any event, the trick is to treat them with caution and circumspection, for sometimes normal does not mean that they are innocuous or threat, but can do major damage to our mouth if used in the wrong situation.

Natural remedies for white smile

Natural treatments for cosmetic dentistry are the most common and known:

  • baking Soda
  • The Sage
  • Apple, grapes, carrots and celery
  • The citrus
  • Peroxide with hydrogen

As these options are very diverse, let us look together at how they are used, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Sodium bicarbonate
Baking soda may be one of the most famous medicines Do it yourself and then white teeth are concerned and their bleaching is done through abrasion: add a few water drops, baking soda serves as toothpaste. It is no casualty because most toothpaste includes it because of their efficacy. While it is a fantastic means of removing yellowing and teeth marks, it is not advisable to use it for a lengthy moment since it can weaken dental plaque and improve gum oversensitivity.
The sage
Sage is an excellent natural remedy to have white teeth and odor; the wise leaves should be frozen in the teeth in this case. In this case although a strong tool for combating dental lesions and flatulence, sage has some potential side effects too, as they can influence gum sensation adversely.

Apples, raisins and carrots
Our tooth shine relies, as with strawberries, grapes, celery, and carrots, on those foods. The inevitable whitening effect of these products is that they can enhance the development of secretion or a physiological self-cleaning factor that works to avoid plaque build – up. The threats are nil, but the benefits are:

·         White Teeth
·         A practical intervention against halitosis-induced bacteria


This fruit of lemon is yet another huge natural whitener evergreen: its peeled and savory juice are used specially to cure smoking yellowed teeth. The juices and peel can be applied on the teeth or applied with baked soda to the toothpaste. The benefit is undoubtedly important, but its abuse can spoil the toothpick.
Hydrogen peroxide

Maybe the optimal whitening solution par excellent is hydrogen peroxide, also known as hydrogen peroxide, but it can nevertheless be used with care only on necessity. Two alternatives are open:

·         A 3% hydrogen peroxide solution
·         Combine a teaspoon of baked soda with 2 tea spas of hydrogen peroxide to make a perfect whitening toothpaste.