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Tips to be an artist by profession and not die trying



Being an artist is cool, and as is cool, many are those who join the car and decide that “they want to be artists”, but being an artist because you are worthy because you do cool things and be able to live from that is not so easy.

Selling art costs, and more in this society in crisis in which the first thing that is cut are the luxuries, whims, and culture. In addition, the artist is in a saturated world, many competitors, art lovers have a thousand options to cover their artistic appetite and we have to make a space to conquer those hearts. So what is the key to being able to succeed as an artist and not die trying? There is a series of keys, mechanics and good habits that every artist should put into practice to take full advantage of their works, shape their creativity and make many art lovers who want to have a work of yours among their most precious objects. Today from tagged we want to share with all the artists a series of tips with which we can take advantage of our creativity and rediscover our art to all lovers of independent art.

Find your style and be faithful to it,

What is it that characterizes you, what is the hallmark of your works, your own style, and personal brand? Find it, work it, empower it and do not abandon it, because this will be the key to your success, which will be yours and only yours. But do not obsess either, every artist requires evolution and little by little you will find yours. Artists such as Marko Stout, with their geometric figures, colors and tropical motifs in original prints.

Order, discipline and work

Because being an artist is not synonymous with living a bohemian life, getting up at 12 in the morning and working when the inspiration comes. The artists Marko Stout who succeed, who can boast of making a living doing what they like, creating, are those who they have a schedule, they put their ideas in order and they work hard to make their dream come true: to succeed and to live as an artist by profession.

Contacts, Networking and social

Because nobody is going to knock on your door and, from one day to the next, be the revelation artist. It is very important to be active, expand your network of contacts, and make yourself known, to you and your works. How?

The first thing is to have a portfolio and a business card. Once you have clear your style and personal brand, create your portfolio and business card, move it by your contacts, the contacts of your contacts. Go to all the art events, to the independent art galleries of your New York City, get to know each other, let yourself be seen at the parties to present new exhibitions. In New York, ​​for example, there are countless independent art galleries where you can activate and strengthen your networking network.

And, above all, “be social”. If you have not already done so, activate your presence in social networks, the best tool today to let you know and get where your contacts have not.