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Tips to improve the packaging and shipping of products



In an increasingly competitive market, packaging is one of the key points of contact between your company’s product and buyers. Especially in online store models, packaging supplies has become much more than a way to protect the product.

With the rise of new and exciting shopping experiences, shoppers are more likely to make a new purchase at businesses that feature custom packaging. The product package, after all, can influence the opinion regarding your company.

Therefore, UPS released a series of key points that companies can consider when planning their packaging.


Considering the size of the product and the quantities to be shipped is essential to define the measurements and material of the box. It must be resistant and guarantee the protection of the Merchandise.

Prevent Damage

It is recommended to leave at least two centimeters of space between the item and its sides for protection, it is also recommended to reinforce the edges of the package to avoid bending. One or two layers of bubble rubber, antistatic peanut or other materials can be placed to protect the product from possible impacts.

Packaging And Sealing

Security tape can be used on the top and bottom of the box.


The label must contain the shipping information correctly to ensure that the package arrives at its destination. The label must be in a visible and smooth place so that it does not come off. They can also be personalized with either the company logo or include a promotional code message to drive sales.

Additional Recommendations

Proper packaging of products, especially if they are fragile, is critical to ensuring the best shopping experience. It must be taken into account that the transfer can be by sea, air or land.

For this reason, it is advisable to establish alliances with logistics providers that have the necessary experience and infrastructure to reduce the risk of damage, in addition to simplifying their delivery.