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Top 6 Accounting Firms Your Company Should Rely On



Top 6 Accounting Firms Your Company Should Rely On

Many businesses, big and small, spend thousands of dollars on recruiting experienced accounting professionals. However, most of the expenses are unable to lead to productive outcomes due to incompetent accountants and enormous book-keeping. That is the very reason why numerous accounting firms have arisen in the industry to provide their specialized services to small, medium and large businesses. They take care of all accounting needs and assist businesses in increasing sales and expanding.

These outsourced accounting facilities have proved to be extremely beneficial. Firstly, businesses, whether small or large, are known to be swamped by various operational challenges. Thus, to have an experienced entity come in and take care of an entire department will free up immense time. this time can be utilized by businesses to work on growth opportunities and idea generation.

Secondly, there is no doubt that contracted accounting firms bring with themselves a great deal of knowledge and expertise. Their passion and focus towards the job will be unparalleled hence. This will reassure businesses of the quality of work being produced, and certainty that their accounting needs will be managed properly.

Thirdly, accounting firms create value for businesses is through their directory of clients. Through partnering with the accounting firm, businesses can develop connections with potential clients who are based in different fields in the industry. Hence, businesses can gather more regulars and increase their influence.

Furthermore, seasoned accounting firms operate through smart and fast software. The technology they use guarantee accurate and precise book keeping, tax filing and payroll management. Organization and proper documentation of work are two great outcomes of hiring forward-thinking accounting firms.

So, if your business is on the look out for collaborating with professional accounting services providers, here is a list of the 6 best firms (in no particular sequence) in the US.


Pricewaterhouse Coopers holds an esteemed position in the accounting firm industry. Headquartered in New York, PWC operates in 158 countries and serves majority of Fortune Global 500 companies. With its boundless focus on audit and assurance, tax and advisory services, it delivers support for businesses and companies that are expanding and coping with change. Their talented and massive team of accountants promise clients confidentiality and correctness when it comes to their work. Moreover, they assign local experts who have intimate knowledge about the company and the market to their clients to stay constantly efficient.

Ernst and Young

Ernst and Young makes available one of the finest advisory, tax, transactions and financial services in business. EY believes that incredible opportunities and strengths arise for businesses when industries transform over the years. Henceforth, EY uses its platform to further these prospects and help businesses take advantage of them. By working with Fortune 500 companies, their excellent team of professionals invest in the clients in several ways. They assist businesses in adhering to the rules and regulations of accounting and continuously keep them informed about all policies and breakthroughs. With a focus on digitalization of work, EY aims to aid organizations in becoming fit for the future.

Ledge Rock Accounting LLC

Enriched with decades of experience and a results-driven approach that fetches a 100% satisfaction rate, Ledge Rock Accounting is a genius in the field. For the zealous individuals at Ledge Rock Accounting, every client is unique and is treated as so. Their clientele is vast and spreads over start-ups, small business, medium-scale enterprises and large organizations. Other than providing the run-of-the-mill accounting and financial services, they provide an all-inclusive and extensive insight pertaining information about the performance of the business. The depth of these holistic services allow businesses to evaluate their operations and make changes for the future. Ledge Rock Accounting has changed the dynamics of accounting with its confidentiality, minimized costs and enhancement of all businesses.


Deloitte stands strong as a Global accounting firm that conducts operations in more than 150 countries. The proficient professionals at Deloitte ensure that each stage of taxing, revenue recognition and accounting follows set accounting principles. Moreover, they diligently work alongside businesses in exploring the latest trends in accounting events and technology to enable them to lead progressively. The complexity of questions do not matter to Deloitte. They possess the capabilities to answer any question and embolden businesses to take decisions. Thus, acting as catalysts when it comes to creating superior impact for businesses. And so, their amenities warrant a gradual transformation of individuals, teams and organizations for the future.


KPMG has earned a rightful place among the Accounting Big 4 with thousands of professionals on board in over 150 countries. With clients in major industries in the United States, KPMG provides accounting services along the domains of audit, tax and consultation. KPMG envisions industry risks as elements that can be modified into opportunities for businesses. They partner up with businesses to develop and implement strategies that improve business performance. Their comprehensive knowledge and range of solutions empower organizations to play a greater role and work sustainably. KPMG is known all over to be a reliable and transparent accounting firm that toughens up businesses to withstand and power through all types of challenges.

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton prides itself on being one of the world’s leading organizations that offers exceptional facilities of audit, tax and consultation. Their diverse culture is not limited to just privately owned companies. They collaborate with government agencies, financial institutions and civic organizations as well to further their influence. The gifted team at Grant Thornton does not believe in traditional work dynamics. They are different in the sense that they follow unconventional values through their people-centric culture. In this, they put their clients first and provide them with perceptive guidelines about accounting solutions that suit them the most. Their apply their vast knowledge to their tax services and help clients deal with the realities of business. This prepares them for the fast-paced future so that they may consistently succeed.


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