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Top Video Editing Software for YouTube Beginners



Video content has been fast gaining popularity all over the world. YouTube has over two billion active users worldwide. More and more makers are creating video content for YouTube. However, creating a video for YouTube means it must be of good quality with proper editing done so that it attracts the eyes of the audience. Many of us are sceptical about the fact of whether we will be able to make video content worth sharing on YouTube. 

However, with different YouTube video editors available now, this job has become very easy for most people keen on making video content.


The shortcut is free video editing software that can work easily with Windows, Linux, OS X, and others. This software uses the same rule as the other expensive video editors. The individual will have to place the video and the audio segments on the timeline and then apply the effects and captions as per their wish. After this, one can convert the result into a video file format.

This app was initially designed for Linux users, and then versions were made available for Mac and PC users. Some of the benefits of this software are that you can customize the menu, configure on multiple monitors, variety of filters and modifying options, task mobility, and work processes can be automated as per the request of the user. The disadvantage is that it is not possible to preview the filters that you add. 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

With the help of this popular video editor, you will be able to modify any video, adjust the colours of the video, and also edit the audio. The software has unique video editing features that can process any multimedia content in their original form. This software can be easily used for Windows, iOS, and macOS. One can subscribe to get Premiere Pro, or one can simply get that as part of the Adobe package. This software supports 360 VR and 4K and helps one to get a professional look in any video. This is useful for both amateur and professional video creators.

The advantages include a variety of options and plugins, a user-friendly interface, and the ability to export the project in any format. The disadvantage includes the high expense of the official license, and adding or editing titles is a bit tricky in this software.


With the help of this video editing software, you will be able to transform the content into amazing videos. Invideo is perfect for small businesses, media organizations that want to increase their audience with the help of video content. 

The editing software can be used for making videos, editing, and managing videos effectively. The software can be used very easily and has immense features that can be used for making eye-catching videos.

The advantage of using this video editing software is that it is perfect for small companies who want to make amazing and engaging video content. This software can also be used for creating viral videos. The great customer support that InVideo gives is amazing. 

Apple iMovie

This software is preferred by those users who want a simple yet elegant product. This is ideal for macOS, iPhone, and iPad. The software is equipped with eight themes that have different music, titles, transitions, filters created by Apple, and interesting effects.

With the help of this software, one will be able to make interesting soundtracks. The green screen is one of their most amazing features. One can place the subject in any place.

The advantages of Apple iMovie are its user-friendly interface, theatre mode for sharing videos, great tools for sound editing, and 4K video support. The disadvantage is there are not enough features that can help with motion tracking to 360-degree video.


This is free software that is required for editing videos. The program works well with Linux, Windows, and macOS. This is perfect for editors, bloggers, sound engineers, and camera operators. The software is readily used in advertising works and also for personal uses too. 

One can make archives of home videos too. This software is perfect for small budget projects or projects that do not have any budget. One can easily import and render the video and audio footage in the background. Then the person will have to drag the editing windows and set keyboard shortcuts for simplifying the process of editing.

The cross-platform features, multichannel support, 3D video processing, and editing and cropping the timeline are some of the advantages of this video editing software. The disadvantage is that it is hard to grasp the editor management system of the software.

Final Cut Pro X

Apple-designed this video editing software for macOS. The interface of this software is similar to iMovie. The software offers a wide selection of video, audio, title, and transition effects for the users. One can also add new effects. It can integrate uploads to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and other video output formats as well.

Though this software is a bit expensive, the range of features is amazing. One can add audio and title in your footage, make group video, and so on. The list is endless. 

The advantages include flexible format, can create a keyboard collection, previewing of effects, high resolution of the output. The only disadvantage is it is expensive.

These are some of the popular video editors that can be used for making amazing videos for sharing on YouTube.