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Travel to Canada: A Brief Guide



Canada is an attractive country not only in terms of tourism, but it’s also a great place to live. Many of them reside with relatives or close friends, and someone travels to the nation to meet with business partners and attend events. To enter Canada, you need a visa, which can be issued at the Consulate of the country. In practice, this is not easy to do; lots of applicants are refused because of violation of the requirements of the Ministry of Migration Canada. In order to avoid mistakes and increase the chances of success, you should contact a specialized visa center because they provide professional assistance in obtaining visas, advise clients, help prepare, properly execute and certify documents so as not to be refused.

Canadian Visa Service Includes:

  1. Proper filling of the questionnaire, preparation and execution of a full package of documents.
  2. Bringing and receiving documents to the Canadian Consulate without your personal presence.

Features of obtaining a Canadian visa

People often visit Canada on a tourist, guest visa, less often – a work, and student visa. The rules for the design of each of them have some features, but in general the algorithm is the same

  1. Studying the registration procedure, the rules of entry into the country.
  2. Payment of the consular fee.
  3. Filling out the questionnaire.
  4. Preparation of documents.
  5. Sending an application to the Canadian Consulate.
  6. Waiting for a decision.
  7. Obtaining a passport with a visa.

The preparation of documents is of great importance. It is necessary to study the features of Canadian immigration legislation and the rules for issuing a visa. Otherwise, there is a high risk of errors and refusal to issue a visa. To minimize it, contact us at Canada Visa Online . Our specialists thoroughly know the rules for issuing visas, the requirements for the applicant, and the reasons for refusal. We will help prepare, execute, certify documents and increase the chance of getting a positive decision.

To obtain a visa to Canada, the applicant must document the purpose of the visit and that he intends to return to his country upon expiration of the visa. In addition to errors in documents and violations of the registration procedure, these are the main reasons for refusal.

The Canadian Consulate considers each applicant as a potential migrant. Therefore, you need to provide proof of your stable and important social, economic or other ties, which guarantee that a person will return to his homeland.

It is equally important to prove your solvency by documenting it. Everyone who is going to enter the territory of Canada must prove that his financial condition allows him to pay for a round-trip flight, rent an apartment and cover other expenses throughout his stay in the country.

Depending on the kind of visa, the Canadian Embassy will process your application for a Canada visa from the USA for two or more weeks. They may also ask for additional documents or for you to submit your biometrics and participate in an interview.

Documents For Applying For A Visa To Canada:

To submit documents to the Canadian Consulate in order to obtain a visa, you must prepare the following documents:

  1. A foreign passport valid for 6 months from the date of intended entry into Canada for each traveler, including children;
  2. 2 color photo 3.5×4.5 (face 31-35 mm from crown to chin), white background, no smile, no older than 6 months;
  3. Certificate from the place of work indicating the position and salary + 2 personal income tax (for individual entrepreneurs – a copy of the certificate of registration and registration with the tax office, for pensioners – a copy of the pension certificate, for students and schoolchildren – a certificate from the educational institution).
  4. In the case of sponsorship – a sponsorship letter, a certificate from the sponsor’s work, a document confirming kinship (copy of marriage certificate, copy of birth certificate), a copy of the sponsor’s passport;
  5. Proof of availability of funds (bank statement with cash flow for the last 3-6 months)
  6. A photocopy of a civil passport (page with photo and registration);
  7. Optional: medical insurance (can be issued in our office);
  8. Motivation letter;

Depending on the applicant’s category, length of stay and purpose of travel, other documents may be required. The employees of our Center carefully study each situation separately and help prepare a package of documents, which allows you to avoid refusal. We also help to correctly fill out the application form, translate documents and certify them accordingly.