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Turning Obstacles into Opportunities: The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Joseph Chubatte (Chebat)



Joseph Chubatte (Chebat), a highly regarded entrepreneur and philanthropist, has made a significant impact on the business environment of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, specifically in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). His trajectory from modest origins to attaining colossus status in the insurance sector serves as evidence of his resolute dedication, unyielding enthusiasm, and capacity to positively impact society.

Born in September of 1973, in Lebanon, Joseph exhibited a propensity for entrepreneurship. Following his 1992 Institute International Jounieh Lebanon graduation, he set out on an endeavor motivated by an insatiable curiosity and a determination to achieve success. By enrolling in courses on Islamic banking and insurance, he advanced his education and earned a Diploma in insurance and a Chartered Marketing Consultant Postgraduate Diploma in marketing. Equipped with a solid academic background, Joseph was positioned to establish a significant impact within the realm of commerce.

Joseph’s venture into the insurance sector in 1994 commenced an odyssey replete with adversities and successes. Commencing his career as an insurance broker, he withstood the intricacies of the sector with unwavering resolve and perseverance. Overcoming regulatory challenges and conducting door-to-door sales, he strategically navigated each obstacle in order to advance toward his ultimate objective. His adeptness in adjusting to evolving conditions and deriving lessons from failures established the groundwork for his subsequent achievements.

After moving to Abu Dhabi, UAE, in 2006, Joseph became a Business Development Manager at Al Dhafra Insurance Company PSJ. He was promoted and recognized quickly at Al Dhafra for his strategic thinking and effectiveness. After rising in the company, Joseph became Assistant General Manager, overseeing business development, marketing, and sales. Ross Garcia


Joseph Chebat is known for pioneering insurance technology, including the first smart insurance app and portal in MENA to solidify his position as a pioneer in the industry. Capital Shield Insurance Brokers (CSIB), which also services in Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt, and Iraq, has been in the UAE insurance market for over a decade, became Abu Dhabi Insurance Brokers (AIB) in 2022 after forming a strategic agreement with Royal Strategic Partners. Despite the name change, AIB remains committed to excellence, setting industry standards, and building lasting client relationships across several insurance industries.

Joseph led Capital Shield to become one of the UAE’s top insurance brokerages with over 100 staff and billions in insured assets. These milestones underscore his commitment to excellence, innovation, and leadership in the MENA insurance sector. His innovative contributions extend to the insurance market, where he has pioneered the creation of more than 12 new insurance programs and products that surpass market expectations, effectively addressing diverse insurance needs.

However, Joseph encountered several challenges when expanding into Iraq in 2020 where he was exposed to blackmailing due to his goals and aspirations of growing his business ventures into the country, which led him to filing legal cases against them. Joseph won every case in Lebanon and Iraq, demonstrating his tenacity and honesty in the face of hardship.

Joseph is a model of community service and philanthropy outside the boardroom. His philanthropy shows his integrity and values. Joseph continues to empower the needy and improve society through community outreach and charity work.

The Joseph Chubatte (Chebat) journey shows zeal, determination, and generosity. Joseph’s story of rising from humble beginnings to insurance pioneering position inspires entrepreneurs and changemakers. Joseph has achieved financial success and changed others’ lives via his dedication to excellence and generosity.