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Types and applications of solar road lights



Photo Credit: solar lighting international

Photo Credit: Solar Lighting International

With the increasing levels of pollution and decreasing levels of non-renewable resources, we have to be conscious of our environment before taking any step. Whether it is eating greens in food, not using plastic, or thinking about mother nature before investing in a big project that can have adverse effects on your surroundings. The excessive use of non-renewable resources to generate electricity is also a significant problem, and it is causing a deficiency in support, which is alarming. Nature has blessed us with plenty of natural resources that are here for a lifetime, like wind and solar energy, if we put these resources to right use, we can not only save the environment but also learn to use natural resources efficiently.

Solar energy and its technology is not a new concept; it has been in use since the 17th century. Solar power is in use by many developed countries, and now many under developing countries are also taking small steps to use this in their daily life. Today we see solar-powered buildings, solar LED lights in the streets, and commercial buildings, and even solar-powered vehicles are introduced. It is a great step for conserving energy from non-renewable resources.

As we know, electric bulbs and lights consume more electric power than solar-powered lights. The solar-powered LED lights work on solar energy in a way that they convert into electrical energy and the batteries store energy when the sun is not out. It makes a huge difference; they are not only easy to install but also very cost-effective. Solar LED lights are environmentally friendly as well as they last you a long time. It doesn’t take a strenuous routine to get them fixed or installing.

The complete set of solar lighting system consists of:

  • Solar Panel
  • Battery
  • Battery box
  • LED lights
  • Light pole and controller

There are four major types of solar street lights; We will describe them and applications of solar road lights:

  • Off-Grid split type:
  • Grid-tie solar street lights
  • Solar and wind hybrid light system
  • All in one customized solar lights

The off-grid split system is installed in such areas where there are no electrical connections and grids. In this, each celestial light pole has its unit like a battery, led light, and light controller.

The grid-tie is based on the single inverter, and it depends on the movement of the sun, it is set up in such a way to conserve maximum sunlight. It is one of the best options for street lighting. It saves vehicles from road accidents and provides the light for the whole dark period.

The solar and wind hybrid system works best in the areas where it is always sunny in summers, and winters have strong winds. These type of solar lights work best in harsh climates. It provides you solar-powered light, no matter how the weather conditions.

Many companies are also making the all in one customized solar lights; it has some sensors involved, which make it save the solar energy and works at full potential even in the dark.

Overall solar system street lights help in more protection and help in reducing accidents because of darkness. It also helps to improve traffic on busy roads.  It helps to promote business till late hours because of the continuous supply of electric power.


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