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Types and classification of special equipment



For centuries, people have tried their best to make their work as easy as possible. To date, the results of scientific and technological progress are obvious, complex technology has replaced humans at all stages of industrial production. Machine tools and equipment help to process raw materials, cars carry out transportation of goods, special programs process huge amounts of information.

Speaking about the results of scientific and technological progress, one cannot fail to say about special vehicles, complex mechanisms and machines that have a specific function and are used for specific purposes.

Special equipment has found wide application both in industry and in private use. Therefore, it is not surprising that the demand for such transport is quite high; Buckingham Leasing provides the flexible solution for Machinery Finance with best available funding terms in the market.

If in the near future you plan to purchase special equipment for business or for personal use, our material Classification and types of special equipment will come in handy for you.

Categories of special equipment

A huge assortment of special vehicles implies the presence of a fairly wide and ramified classification.

The clearest and most understandable is the differentiation of special equipment for the performance of a certain type of work and services.

The main categories of special equipment:

  • Road or work;
  • Construction;
  • Communal or city;
  • Productive;
  • Automotive special equipment (transport);
  • Special equipment for field development;
  • Lifting special equipment;
  • Military;
  • Rescue special equipment;
  • Agricultural;
  • Logging special equipment;
  • Research;
  • Special equipment of the security services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other law enforcement services.

Road special equipment

Judging by the name, it is easy to guess that these special machines have found their application in the construction and repair of roads. They are used for laying asphalt pavement and railroad tracks. Due to the constant expansion of the road network, as well as the need for regular repair of existing roads, road special equipment is in high demand. It is not surprising that the range of these machines is wide enough.

Road special equipment is used not only for the direct laying of the outer surface, this category also includes machines that clear the space for the road under construction, level the site, lay out the base layers (sand, gravel, mesh, resin, etc.).

  • Grader. These machines are used in the early stages of road construction. Their main task is to prepare the ground, carefully level it and establish slopes.
  • Asphalt paver. Their main function is working with asphalt concrete mixture at the stage of its initial laying. The paver applies the mixture to the prepared surface, carefully level it and pre-compact it.
  • Rink. After the asphalt paver has laid out and pre-leveled and compacted the asphalt-concrete mixture, it is time for the roller to operate. The main function of these special machines is the final compaction and pressing of the outer pavement.
  • Marking machines. Highly specialized vehicles for road marking. If the road markings need to be updated or replaced, demarchers are used to remove old identification marks on the road.
  • Road milling cutters. Remove the old layer of asphalt during repair work.