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Types of insurance



There are different types of insurance. We describe them below

Life insurance:-

A life insurance policy pays out if you die or if you are still alive at a pre-agreed time. There are also combination forms. The insurance is characterized by the time and form of the premium payment and the receipt of the benefit. The premium can be paid periodically or all at once by paying a single premium. If the payment is made all at once, this is called a capital insurance policy. In the case of interest insurance, the payment is made periodically. The premium depends, among other things, on the risk of death of the insured. Examples of life insurance are: term life insurance, funeral insurance, investment insurance and annuity insurance.

Non-life insurance:-

With damage insurance you insure yourself against the financial consequences of damage. For example, you can insure the items in your house against fire damage. You can also take out insurance against loss of income, for example if you can no longer work because you are incapacitated for work or if you become unemployed.


Health insurance:-

With health insurance you insure the medical costs. There is basic insurance, which is mandatory for almost everyone. You can also insure yourself by means of supplementary insurance for care that is not covered by the basic insurance, such as physiotherapy.

The AFM suspervise advisers/intermediaries who advise or provide information about health insurance. Consider, for example, comparison sites. The health insurers are supervised by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa).

The AFM and the NZa work together in the field of supervision of these insurance policies and have concluded a cooperation agreement for this purpose.