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Watch Free Online Movies | Best Online Free Streaming Services that you can Avail Right Now



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Streaming without paying a dime or penny can actually save you from opting for illegal means of watching your favorite TV shows and movies. Understanding the fact that everything is gotten expensive and we are bound to cut off expenses, we have to find out legal sources of entertainment. In such scenarios, we find it best streaming sites that offer excellent content without any monthly subscription fees.

15 Best Online Streaming Sites for Free in 2020 

Here, we have mentioned some of the easiest and fun ways of streaming online movies. Grab your popcorn and let’s try these sites now!

Popcorn Flix

This site is a reliable source of getting online free of cost movies that can be streamed. Since the site is free of cost, it works around advertisements. A section called “viral videos” is added for the users to make the most out of the site. Original movies are also added to give the flavor you are looking for. Examples of movies that are included in Popcorn Flix Teenage Ninja Turtles, Teacher of the Year, Sabrina, and Hard Rain.



You can rely on Crackle for a number of reasons. First of all, there is a wide array of movies as well as TV shows here. You can find original movies and TV shows that are supported by advertisements. Even though it is a project of Sony, Crackle has added content like Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Bottle Rocket, The Machinist, and Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. However, TV shows are mostly from the classics genre and include shows like Charlie’s Angels, What’s Happening, and All in the Family.



This site is, particularly around action programming. Just like Comet, another site that we have mentioned in this article, Charge also is all about streaming. Some examples of movies that are added to this site include The Family, Rocky I_V, and UHF.

The link that will take you to the site is


There was a time when libraries used to rent out audiobooks? Some of them even rented movies. It was always a pain to hunt for the book or movie we wanted. This pain was multiplied when we used to find out that the movies and books (audio ones) are always depleted by added browsers.

Hoopla ( is a browser that works like a library which can be browsed while staying at home. This site offers TV shows, movies, music, audiobooks, and comics. Titles are of the same type that is expected in a library. For example, Ella Enchanted, First Reformed, and 13 Going on 30.

Note: you can use this site only when you have a proper library card (the one which is issued from a library).

Have you thought of using cable TV without investing in a cable service? If not, try where you can find more than a hundred free of cost streaming channels. These channels include classic TV, news, sports, and movies. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and Dora the Explorer type of content has a separate channel. Likewise, there is a channel that is particularly fixated for anime and Comedy Central Roasts. To make the user’s experience even better, you can put the show on schedule from the section “On Demand”. Movies like We Own the Night and The Net are there to turn your boring day into a good one.

Note: there isn’t any navigation bar (no “search” feature).

ABC is the link from where you can access this site which is full of surprises. Here, you can get different types of movies and shows with complete episodes through seamless streaming. Canceled shows are also part of this site which include Felicity, and My So-Called Life. Besides that, you also happen to get treats in the form of new movies and shows. The Muppets and Ugly Betty are some of the examples. Genre favorites are also found in ABC and include movies like The River and Reaper.


Comet ( particularly revolves around science fiction and it includes movies like Future World, Audrey Rose, and Journey to the Center of the Earth. You will not get anything outside the collection but you will be able to stream the channel on a browser as well as through apps.

Shout! Factory

When it comes to Shout! Factory ( suffices your online streaming needs. This site has a complete catalog with foreign, cult, weird films, and underground. Each of the sections has different genres which include drama, horror, documentaries, action, sci-fi, martial arts, comedy, and western. Movies and shows like Riff Trax and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 make it a special site. The majority of the movies date back to the 1980s and even before. Therefore, new movies are not added here and you may be disappointed if you are looking for some new releases.


YouTube is considered as the epitome and king of online, free of cost streaming. It has original content which is now hosting its very own paid service – YouTube Red. YouTube’s ( is from where you can watch anything and everything, without spending a single penny. Here, you can get movies that are highlighted, classics, the 80s, and 90s content, and much more. Movies like Child’s Play, Over the Top, and Get Shorty are some of the highlighted contents.


This is the ultimate resource to get films and shows. Here, ( you will find interviews for the sake of promotions, IMDb productions that are solemnly for the site and original, movies, and TV shows. Since it is a site owned by Amazon, you can access it on our Fire TV gadgets or laptops and computers. Movies that you can watch here include Spider-Man, Blade Runner 2049, Ghost World, Heroes, The Middle, and many more.

Note: you can watch these movies in the TV section.

CW Seed

On CW Seed (, you can watch dozens of TV shows and series, without any fees or investment. This means, content here is free of cost and completely functions on the advertisements. The Ghost Whisperer, The Secret Circle, and Schitt’s Creek are some of the most famous TV shows you can get in here. Besides that, animations can also be watched at CW seed. For example, Constantine: City of Demons and Supernatural: The Anime Series.


Do you like animes and are a big fan of this genre? If yes, Crunchyroll ( is one of those sites from where you can stream online anime shows. Hundreds of series in the same genre is added where you don’t have to pay for watching. Everything is free! It means you can watch the online live streaming of Japanese dramas with a bit low resolution. There are tons of advertisements to make the site functional. The chatting feature on the site makes it unique. You can watch and discuss the movie or show in the community. The “Random” button allows you to watch the first episode of a randomly uploaded series.

Internet Archive

It is a site with non-profit agenda with more than four million videos of different genres. The Internet Archive ( contains public domain movies or films. Some of these films are short in nature which is uploaded by content producers. TV news and their reels, trailers of movies, and footages are also added to this site. Highlighted content includes films like Plan 9 From Outer Space, classics of Charlie Chaplin, classic cartoons like Popeye and Woody Wood Pecker. There are movies with genres like mental hygiene.


TubiTV ( is another site from where you can stream online without any paid subscription. This is where content is always free. It covers almost all genres. However, there wouldn’t be new releases on the site but surely it is easy to find movies and shows that are as old as two decades. If you want to watch modern classics, it’s not difficult to find The Curious Case of Benjamin, The Incredible Hulk, Third Rock from the Sun, and similar movies.


This site ( uploads three movies every month without fail. Each movie is selected by Nicholas Winding Refn, the director of Drive, the Neon Demon. Every movie here is restored and then joined by essays from different film historians and critics. Movies are mostly with horror, nudie-cuties, and crime genre. Obscure as well as exploitation are the subgenres and the titles you may see here include Satan in High Heels, Cottonpickin’ Chickenpickers, and A Story of Fixation.

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