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Way to fix audio services not running windows error



Audio services, not running windows error occurs when your sound devices stop responding to the messages and commands of your system. “audio service is not running Windows error” is the thing that may appear on your screen whenever this error occurs. It is essential to solving this error because if you don’t do so, your audio devices will not work on your system. Otherwise, the audio devices will be worthless for you. There are several ways to fix this error and we are going to mention a few of them below. So, continue reading this post:

Test all the components of your audio:

Testing all of your audio components or audio devices is essential as it is possible that the error is happening due to your device. Also, it is the easiest way to solve this error. So, check the device which isn’t working that either it is connected correctly with your system or not. Also, a plugin that audio device in some other system and check that whether it is working in that system or not. If the devices aren’t work in the other system as well it means that the problem is in your device and not in your system. But if the device works in another system but not in your system, then continue with the following steps.

Also, while testing the audio components makes sure that the dust isn’t present on the plug-in area from where you attach the device with your system. If the dust is present, then clean it and plug in the audio component in your system again.

Restart your audio services:

Audio services play an essential role in managing various audio devices in every system. So, maybe the issue lies in your audio services if your device is working properly after you test it. So, restart your audio drivers and then, try using that audio device again and check that whether the error show again or not. It is also a simple solution to this problem but if the error occurs again, then continue with the following step.

 Use some commands to fix this error:

In the command line of your system, you can enter various commands to solve various issues, these commands are very difficult to write for a normal user (on his own) and that’s why it’s better to copy and paste these commands from your browser. After running this command as an administrator, your issue will be solved. So, use some commands to fix this problem and then run them as an administrator. You can find the commands for audio issues on your browser.

Download some default sound drivers:

Maybe another reason that your device isn’t detected by your system is the default sound drivers are not downloaded. These sound drivers tell your system that what is the sound device and allow them to communicate with each other. Without sound drivers, your system can’t communicate with the sound device. So, download some default sound drivers as it will be helpful for you in solving your issue.

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