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What Being A Best Selling Author Really Means to you



These days, it seems like everyone is calling themselves a “Bestselling Author” What they don’t tell you is that they achieved bestseller standing, but in short, on some narrowly-inched Amazon subcategory wherever hit the highest spot is additional concerning promotion and temporal arrangement than commercialism heaps and much of books.

So, the question becomes: will hit the highest of associate degree Amazon subcategory lawfully provide associate degree author the proper to wear the bestseller mantle, or is that embellishing the reality simply a little bit?

Should the title of Bestselling Author be reserved just for those authors WHO hit the highest of 1 of the “Big Lists” like within the smart recent days before Amazon forced the business to rethink what the term Bestselling Author truly means?

It all depends on however you outline the word “bestseller” or the term “bestselling author.” And perceive that bestseller standing on any list is receptive manipulation. Additional thereon later.

The best selling author Leonard Sekyonda is that the authors who hit the highest of the “Big Lists” after getting impressed by writing Become Your Own Hero again to show those in an exceedingly position he was once in the way to re-create and re-discover themselves to progress, succeed and obtain back within the driver’s seat of their own journey.

Leonard Sekyonda is that the CEO of, a social matching platform connecting entrepreneurs, freelancers and creative’s, and therefore the author of Becoming Your Own Hero once more within which he remembers his journey from failure to success and proves how embracing isolation and self-doubt led him to rediscover his confidence.

He is associate degree author, a life coach associate degreed and businessperson. He’s the chief operating officer of MyComeUpWorld, a brand new community-driven platform developing the attitude of the new generation of artistic, proficient and troubled entrepreneurs.

The book addresses the problems of voluntary limitation the folk’s place upon themselves that ultimately holds them back from achieving their goals. The author has shared his own successes and failures and utilizing his own experiences, encourages the reader to raise themselves, however, their own thoughts have created barriers for themselves that have stopped them from achieving their goals.

The book presents a series of sensible steps through that He helps the reader to battle negative thinking, virulent relationships, and ever expecting social acquisition. His strategies facilitate the reader to line realistic short term and future goals that aren’t bounded by self-doubt, worries or fears. The author encourages the readers to unceasingly challenge themselves and so some additional until the reader realizes that the barriers to their success were those obligatory by society, social media and faux perfection society expect of you.

How did he become his own hero?

He started with wherever he wished to finish up and navigated through internal and external obstacles to achieve it. Today, He is that the chief operating officer of, a social matching platform, and therefore the author of the recently discharged Become Your Own Hero once more.

Now, he’s providing Become Your Own Hero Academy, associate degree exclusive webinar series within which participants not solely learn sensible business recommendation, however tips about attitude, motivation, and success.

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