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What Do You Need To Know About Your Medical Spa?



A medical spa is a combination of a spa and a medical clinic, under the supervision of a trained doctor. Treatments include those related to the face, conditions such as redness, brown spots and damaged capillaries that do not receive effective treatment with traditional aesthetics.

What is a spa?

A spa is a health facility that offers treatments, therapies or relaxation systems using water as the main element.

At present, it is said of all those leisure and health establishments, where water therapies are used, in the modalities of swimming pools, Jacuzzis, hydro-massages, jets and sauna without using medicinal waters, in which case it would be a spa. The concept has been extended over time to other techniques such as aromatherapy.

It is also known as a spa to a pool with hot water with different hydro-massage nozzles, with chromo-therapy lighting system and some, incorporate a system of induction of fragrances to provide aromatherapy in the water.

What benefits can they give us?

Medical Spas offer benefits to their clients in the following aspects:

Physical improvement:

Thanks to the treatment of a Manhattan MedSpa, muscle relaxation is achieved, so that the ailments of this type remit and tend to improve. From lumbago, through any back pain, muscle aches or strains of any kind, the mixture of hot springs, massages and other types of treatments, get the pain and discomfort disappear. Also, they are clearly beneficial for bone problems, especially for arthritis, which although they do not eliminate it, as this is a chronic ailment, it does manage to reduce the pain and delay the expansion.

Psychic improvement:

Stress is the endemic evil of our society, of a society that moves too fast, and this stress causes very acute psychic ailments. Through a treatment in a Spa, the person is able to focus on the body, in their own mind, isolate themselves from the outside, so they move away from their day-to-day problems and when feeling comfortable and relaxed, they begin to notice how Your stress, as your psychic and mental discomfort, begin to subside.

Aesthetic improvement:

When we are in a Spa, our aesthetics and appearance can improve considerably. This improvement is motivated by different reasons. Manhattan MedSpa offers the possibility of performing different beauty treatments, skin treatments, rejuvenation treatments, skin cleansing, natural masks, etc.

Why go to the Medical Spa or Medical Spa?

Health and aesthetics are increasingly important and determinant in the roles played by modern women and men. Slimming, rejuvenating, preventive and relaxing treatments set the trend these days. But precisely because of this boom it is important that patients choose the best option and put their health in the hands of professional doctors. That’s why the best solution is the health centers specialized in beauty, better known as a medical spa or medical spa. Unlike a conventional spa, medical spas or medical spa offer their patients the possibility to also follow some specific medical treatment, to maintain health and prolong their youth.

The concept of the traditional spa is related to beauty, relaxation and body treatments; while the medical spa is a place where the patient can receive relaxing therapies, in addition to medicines or techniques, always in the hands of medical specialists

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