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What is cupping therapy?



Cupping therapy is a therapy used to make the blood flow better inside the body. The suction is created by placing cups on the skin in this therapy. There are so many suction cups that you can found in the market. You can also find suction cups with screws in the market that are better than the normal suction cups. If you want to purchase suction cups and don’t have time to visit the market, then you can also purchase them from a credible online website. Cupping therapy is a very relaxing therapy and if you want to know more about it, then continue reading this article.

Types of cupping therapy:

In cupping therapy, they heat the cups and then place them on the skin. There are two types of cupping therapy, and these types are:

  • Wet cupping therapy
  • Dry cupping therapy

Wet cupping therapy:

Wet cupping produces a slight suction by keeping the cup in the same position for around three minutes. A therapist, therefore, eliminates the cup and then use a small razor blade to make tiny and light cuts on the skin. After that, the therapist pulls out a tiny amount of blood and do the second suction. In the first session of suction, you may get 3 to 5 cups. So, wet cupping therapy is the type of cupping therapy.

Dry cupping therapy:

Dry cupping therapy is another type of cupping therapy. Dry Cupping therapy is a procedure in therapy that we use inside the clinic with other therapy procedures. Dry cupping pulls blood from the tissues up to the layers of skin in its simpler form, enabling regeneration.

More about cupping therapy:

Cups available in so many different shapes and sizes, including our back, blades of shoulder and knee joints, to contour across our body segments. It is used to make the stretching of muscle tissue better. As we grow, cellular stress and stress in the fascia rise so that cupping treatment is used to maintain such structures stable and safe. There are a few things that everyone should know about cupping therapy and keep in mind, as well.

Cupping therapy is not for everyone, and some individuals should avoid taking this cupping therapy. So, the following are the individuals who should avoid it:

Pregnant women – pregnant women should avoid the cupping on their lower back and on the abdomen. It will be dangerous for them, and pregnant women must avoid it.

Older people – when we grow older, then our skin becomes extra fragile. Every treatment can be risky; that’s why older people should avoid cupping therapy.

Children – children of 4 years or less than four years must not take cupping therapy. The children who are older than four years can take this therapy but for a very small time period.


In this post, we mention what is cupping therapy and a few things about it. Cupping therapy is a therapy used to make the blood flow better in the body. There are two types of this therapy. One is wet cupping therapy, and the other one is dry cupping therapy. There are a few more things that everyone should know about cupping therapy that it is not good for pregnant women, older people, and children.

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