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What Is Good Deeds Day?



Good Deeds Day was initiated by Shari Arison back in 2007. Shari is an American Israeli philanthropist and businesswoman. She owns Arison Investments, that is comprised of several different businesses. She also helps lead the Ted Arison Family Foundation, which is comprised of several organizations that operate as its subsidiaries.

Good Deeds Day is a global day that unites people from more than 108 countries. It inspires these countries and people to do good deeds to benefit others. Since its beginning in 2007, millions of people coming from thousands of organizations have participated. They have come together each year to do good for people in their communities as well as the world.

The Vision of Good Deeds Day

Arison believes that “if people will think good, speak good and do good, the circles of goodness will grow in the world.” Good Deeds Day has quickly become one of the leading days of giving for organizations and people all over the world. From soldiers, children, and students to employees from many businesses all coming together with the sole vision of doing good for others.

How It Has Evolved

Since its launch, Good Deeds Day went from only 7,000 participants in Israel to over 1 million. The movement went global in 2011 and including 10 international cities, including some from the United States. The day had begun to unite people from all over and inspired them to do good deeds.

In 2019, Good Deeds Day didn’t lose any momentum. Over 3.9 million people participated in over 108 countries around the world. It totaled over 7.8 million hours of service across the world.

What Can You Do?

So, how can you participate in Good Deeds Day?

The steps to participating in this historical day each year involved getting ideas, planning, signing up to take part, and promoting what you are doing. To get inspired, you can see what people from around the globe have done in the past.

Many have found good deeds in their own community, including elderly care and youth and education. Others focused more on environmental measures and special populations.

From something as simple as cleaning up a playground in your community to something more complex like teaching tolerance in a village, there are many things you can do to participate in Good Deeds Day and make a real difference.

Why You Should Do Good Deeds

When we do good deeds, we can spread our kindness to others and motivate them to do the same. With our good deeds, we can promote more positivity in our communities and improve the quality of each and every social interaction.

When we do good, we are making a difference in someone else’s life, and that is the vision and the goal of Good Deed’s Day.

Not only are you helping others grow, but you are also experiencing self-growth as well while gaining inner satisfaction for what you are doing and what you can accomplish. So, what are you going to contribute when Good Deed’s Day comes around next year?

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