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What is the Best and Cheapest Way to Sell a House?



When you’re thinking, “I’m ready, sell my house fast in Delaware”, but you aren’t ready to shell out a bunch of money to do so, simply follow a few easy tips to make a profit on your property without breaking the bank first. If you forego a real estate agent, take on some modest renovation projects, opt for do-it-yourself staging solutions, aim to sell quickly, and sell to an all-cash buyer, you will be able to enjoy the capital of your home sale without having to repay any commissions, construction loans, or expensive fees.

Skip the Real Estate Agent

One of the best ways to save money when selling your house is to skip the real estate agent. While the right real estate agent’s knowledge and expertise can be helpful when you ask him to Sell My House for Cash in certain situations, hiring an agent comes along with expensive fees and commissions. If you decide to forego the agent and list your house as FSBO, an acronym pronounced “fizz-bo” that stands for for-sale-by-owner, you’ll be able to save the total cost of commissions and retain the entirety of your sale capital instead.

Do Minor Renovations

When selling a home, it is important that the house is in top condition. This is why many home sellers decide to enter a renovation and upgrade period before putting their house on the market. While renovating your home and upgrading rooms like the kitchen, bathrooms, and closets can be a great tool for increasing the value of your home, construction and renovations are always expensive. Not only will you need to pay for material costs, but you will also need to pay for the construction company’s labor fees.

Rather than choosing to take on major renovations, consider doing minor renovations yourself instead. The following can easily be done by home sellers who do not have much construction knowledge:

  • Removing popcorn ceilings
  • Putting up new wallpaper
  • Replacing drawer pulls and cabinet handles
  • Sealing cracks and paint chips
  • Painting walls and rooms
  • Staining wood mantles and doors
  • Replacing doorknobs and light fixtures
  • Replacing bathroom fixtures and showerheads
  • And more

With some little tweaks and updates, your home can look better than ever and ready to wow potential buyers.

Opt for DIY Staging

Home staging is another important factor when you want to sell your house without breaking the bank. Rather than hiring a home stager that can often require a multiple-month contract, opt for staging the house yourself. While purchasing all-new luxury items to stage your home is not a practical way to save money when attempting DIY staging, you can utilize some of the existing decor, furniture, and art that you have in your home already. 

Try removing as many personal items such as clothing, shoes, and photographs as possible. Then, bring in only a select few pieces such as a nice bright couch, a couple of candlesticks to create ambiance, and your favorite framed painting. Using your own belongings to stage a home can entice the interest of potential buyers while saving money on professional staging services.

Sell to An All-Cash Home-Buyer

The cheapest way to sell a house is to sell to an all-cash home-buyer or home-buying company. All-cash home-buyers tend to already have the cash needed on-hand to put in an offer. This means that when you receive an all-cash offer from a potential buyer, it often comes with no-obligations and can speed up the process of closing the sale. 

When a buyer offers the seller cash, this means that you will not need to wait for the buyer to be approved for a mortgage loan. It also means that you won’t need to do any renovations or staging, and will be able to sell the home “as-is” when selling to an all-cash home-buying company, therefore saving money and selling your house quickly with ease.