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What is the Importance of a Good Web Designer?



A good web design can do wonders for a websites audience engagement which in turn is very important for any business’s success in the current Pandemic situation.

Following are some reason that makes it apparent how important a good web design is for any business or personal website.

A Good First Impression

For anyone who visits a website, the only thing that compels them to spend any time on it or interact with the website, a good design is the defining factor. Here you can help in improving brand recognition and generate more visitors as well.

A beautiful website compels potential buyers or clients to actually interact with the website as well as to recommend it to people they know.

More Engagement

38% of people will stop engaging with a website with an unattractive layout or unappealing content

This means that website engagement is enhanced greatly just by giving the website a good design.

Additionally, 88% visitors do not return to a website with an unattractive design. This experience can thus consumers can potentially turn away from a brand or company itself just because of the bad website design.

Similarly a good website design would compel people to return to the website again and again.

Reputation and Credibility

Judgements on a company’s reputation are 75% based on the company’s web design. A good website design gives the company a good reputation. It also gives the impression that the company cares about customer service and performance.

Similarly, a bad website design can show lack of credibility. It gives the impression that the services to the client hold little to no importance in the company’s agenda.

Consistency and Uniformity

A website that resonated with the company or brands design, advertisement and logo, gives as impression of consistency and uniformity in the company’s design aesthetic.

This design uniformity gives the company a unique visual identity. This design identity sets the website apart from similar websites, encouraging audience engagement.

Search Engine Optimization

The placement of keywords within the HTML of the website can greatly enhance the Search Engine Optimization of the website. This can be achieved by giving the job of web design to the right person.

Customer Conversion

Customer Conversion means attracting customers of a rival business to your own. A well designed website works wonders for customer conversion.

An attractive web design is not only pleasing to look at but also makes it easier to navigate the website thus increasing engagement as well as the overall consumer experience.

The better and easier the website navigation is, the better chances are that the visitors would visit the website again and again.

To sum it all up…

A good website design can not only give a company a good brand image and excellent audience boost, but also give the website a great reach and enhance audience experience, making the website more attractive to possible consumers.

A good website design, thus, can prove to be a great business asset, especially in the current Pandemic situation.

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