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What to Look for on an Assisted Living Tour



If you have decided that moving to an assisted living community is right for you, there are lots of choices available. Once you have spoken to some facilities and made a shortlist of the ones you like the sound of, it is time to view some and make your final decision about your new home. Here are some things to look out for on your tour to help you make the right decision for you. 


You will be able to see how clean the facility is before you even walk into the building. A well-kept facility will have a well-kept parking lot and a pretty garden that has been well-tended. Once you are inside the building you will be able to see the reception area and shared living spaces and make an assessment of their cleanliness. Remember that these are the areas that people see when they walk in so this will give you a good overall view of how much the cleaning staff cares about the building and its residents. 

Friendly Staff

You can tell a lot about a facility by seeing how much the staff likes working there. A well cared for facility such as Brandywine Living, for assisted living in Maryland, will be full of happy, friendly staff members who care about the residents and do everything they can to help and support them. This makes for a relaxed and happy place to work which is why they will be friendly and happy to answer any questions you have. 

Happy Residents

If residents are well treated, they are more likely to be happy. Strike up a conversation with one or two of them and ask what they think of the facility. They will enjoy giving you their opinion and you will already be on your way to making your first friends. 


The quality and quantity of the food are important as you will be used to cooking your own food and you know what you like and how you like it. It may be a relief to have the catering done for you, but you should check the menu for the day to make sure you are likely to find something you want to eat. If you can, try to time your tour to coincide with mealtime as you can see what the food looks like too. 


If you have already made a shortlist, it might be based on some of the amenities in the facility. However, you can view them for yourself to see if you like the look of what they have and whether it looks the same as in the brochure. It is also a good idea to check out their activity guide while you are there and perhaps watch or even join in some of the activities yourself to see if you like them. 

These are the five most important things to look at while you are on an assisted living tour. Once you have had a good look around you can see where you most want to live and set the wheels in motion.