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What’s Better, Downloading Videos or Watching Them Online? .



Let’s talk about something we all do. Watch videos. Sometimes they’re academic videos, news, and sometimes you just want to watch some small animals being cute. Some people spend hours on their phones or laptops just watching videos.

As soon as one ends they choose another one of the recommended videos, and this goes on and on for hours.

If you watch the videos you like repeatedly, then maybe this could be done more efficiently by downloading them.

So, Is it better to watch videos on their platform, or to use online video downloaders? Let’s consider the pros and cons:


The video may be deleted  Videos are deleted all the time; sometimes the platform deletes them for copyright violations, or because they infringe their rules.

Or the uploaders themselves decide they don’t want the video online anymore. Saving the video on your computer assures you that you’ll be able to watch it even if it gets deleted.

Watching videos mid-flight There are very few places where there’s no internet connection, or it’s forbidden. Nonetheless, they exist. Planes, for example.

If for some reason, you need to watch some videos mid-flight, they better be saved on your dispositive, because airplane mode is required in flights.

Free Most video downloaders are free nowadays. So, if you use a free online video downloader, you don’t have to pay anything to save your videos on your computer

High quality always Sometimes the internet connection is awfully slow, and while watching a video online it may stop several times and drop the quality to the minimum.

This can be incredibly annoying. No one likes watching pixeled videos, and you may miss important information if the audio is distorted.

Rewatch If you’re the kind of person who watches videos all the time, then you have probably lost a video you want to watch again. If you download a video immediately after watching it, you can be sure you’ll be able to watch it again later.


Slow internet If your internet connection is always slow, you’ll get frustrated waiting for the video to download.

Sometimes the speed check doesn’t cooperate and a video of only 50MB will take forever to download. Also, if someone else uses your internet connection while you download videos, their internet will slow down considerably.

They need space Watching videos online doesn’t take space in your disk, downloading them does. Just one, two or maybe three videos won’t take much space, but if you plan to download a lot of videos then you need to have the space for it. If you don’t, then you won’t be able to download any video.

Viruses The software or site you’re using to download your videos may not be reliable. One day you could be downloading hundreds of videos without a hitch, then the next day you download just one and suddenly your computer is full of viruses.

With all this in mind, it stands to reason that downloading videos is the better option. All the cons are things that can be taken care of, and by doing so, there are only pros left. Even by downloading videos carelessly, the advantages of downloading videos out weight the cons listed.