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What’s the Most Expensive Security Camera?



Take a quick look at the market, and you quickly note that security cameras range from $30 to $200. The price depends on several factors;

  • Brand
  • Screen resolution and quality of video display
  • Outside or indoor use of the camera
  • Special features like night vision, AI-based people detection

If you’re going for the most expensive security camera, you will find most of these features in the camera as they come standard with such a high-end security camera.

After a deep analysis of, the Google Nest Cam Outdoor or Indoor Camera System tops the list retailing at a pricey $169.

Keep reading to learn more about the security camera.

Features of the Google Nest Cam Outdoor or Indoor Camera System

The Google Nest Cam Outdoor or Indoor is a camera that is best known for its battery power use and also its dynamic functionality. You can use the camera indoors as well as outdoors. Some other features of the security camera include;

  • Allows for Bluetooth or wifi connectivity with your other home security devices.
  • Has a resolution of 1080p HDR video screen resolution
  • It is battery-powered (2 lithium Ion batteries); hence it also comes with a charge cable and power adapter to hook to an external power source
  • It is weather resistant
  • Compatible with Alexa.
  • Standby mode with continued functionality of over an hour in the event of a power outage
  • It has an hour of backup storage stored locally
  • Has night vision
  • It has innovative AI technology made possible by Nest’s advanced algorithm. And because of this, the security camera can differentiate between persons, animals, and vehicles.
  • Has sound detection properties
  • Allows remote monitoring with live stream footage on your smart displays and tablets.
  • With no subscription, it can send alerts to your Google Home app for easier monitoring.

Is the Google Nest Cam Outdoor or Indoor Camera System Value for Money

The Google Nest security camera provides quality, reliability, functionality, and AI features. And because of this, it is value for money.

The security camera is also effortless to install and even allows for self-monitoring, which is good news for all DIY lovers. In addition, you can get discounts and offers when you purchase it through an online store like Amazon.

However, to use this camera, you must have a Google Account and install the Google Home app on your device.

Final Thoughts

The Google Nest Cam offers a superb build quality that you can rely on for many years without calling a technician. People know this, and that is why they are usually willing to spend on other Google Nest additions. These additions that raise the price of this security camera if you opt for them include;

  • Nest doorbells.
  • Other Google indoor cameras
  • The Nest Aware and Aware Plus subscription

When users combine these features, the $169 can become $500 very quickly. In addition, if you choose to hire the services of a qualified security camera technician, you can raise the price even higher.