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Where and at what height to place the television at home



According to the National Institute of Statistics, 99% of households in US have one or more televisions. In other words, there are more than 18 million homes with television in our country. With screens getting bigger and better definition, it’s important to get the distance and height of the TV right. What is the best height to hang the television in the living room? At what height to hang the tv in the bedroom? How far should I put the TV from the sofa? Do I use a wall mount? These are some of the questions we have posed to the experts.

1. Where to put the television?
“The first decision is to determine if we design the space with television in mind or, on the contrary, we will choose the TV based on the space and location we have, which is usually the norm,”

Since the latter is usually the most frequent option, it is convenient to be clear about the maximum measurements that we can afford in terms of the device. The general rule is that the optimal distance to the television is 2.5 times the diagonal of it. Therefore, you have to divide the distance to the sofa by 2.5 to know the most recommended size of the device. An example: for a distance of 2.5 m, the device should not exceed 40 inches.

The screens do not stop growing and their visual impact is important. “The prominence that a 75 or 80-inch screen acquires in a room can clash with the design of the space. Lately, more and more work has been done with motorized decorative elements, such as a painting or a mobile panel, which hide the televisions”,  In addition, the expert affirms that these elements can be controlled with the same control with which the lights are turned on, the curtains are drawn or the channel is changed.

Regarding cabling and equipment such as DVD, Blu-ray, speakers, etc.,  finding out about the options that “technology offers to locate them remotely and control them as if they were all together”.

2. Does the distance to watch television vary depending on the type of device?
Experts think so. On the other hand, in addition to the available space and the size of the television, to define the distance between the television and the sofa, the resolution of the television must be assessed. “For full HD resolution , the recommendation is to place between two and four times the size of the television, although, if we have Ultra HD resolutions , the distance can be reduced by half without actually seeing the pixelated image”,
Consequently, if we bet on an Ultra HD television,the placement flexibility is multiplied by two, which would allow a large screen to be placed in a relatively small space (a 50-inch screen just 2 m away from the seating area).
3. At what height do I place the TV on the wall?
Television Mounting Services Experts agree that the center of the television screen should be at the level of the viewer’s eyes. Thus, the usual thing is to place the center of the screen one meter from the ground, since it is normal for the eyes of a person sitting on a sofa to be between 85 cm and one meter high.adds that the height to place the television “will also depend on customs and what is the favorite position on the sofa.”




4. At what height to put the TV in the bedroom?
The bedroom is a classic location for a second television. “In a bedroom it is more difficult to find the ideal height and, therefore, on many occasions it is placed at a higher height with a tilting TV stand”,It must be taken into account that in the bedroom it is customary to watch the television lying down, so, beyond the distance, which would be the same as in any other space in the house, the important thing is that the television in the bedroom does not forces us to strain our necks. the best options for placing the television in the bedroom are “at ground level or at a considerable height and behind some element that hides it.”

5. Where to install a TV in the kitchen?
Added to the lack of space in the kitchen are other problems that condition the placement of a television, such as splashes, smoke and grease. “An always effective alternative is to hang the TV in the kitchen, on the wall or ceiling, with a support for televisions that allows you to adapt its position,”In the kitchen, television is generally watched standing up, preparing food, or sitting on high stools if there is a bar. For this reason, placing the TV in the kitchen about 125-135 cm from the floor can offer a middle ground that adapts to the different moments. Regarding where to place the TV in the kitchen,  “where grease does not require industrial IP protections”.


6. How to install a television?
Two factors have multiplied the placement options for televisions: the thinness of the equipment and its weight. “Equipment is getting thinner and therefore weighs less. Consequently, there is a greater variety of supports for television, from the one that comes from the factory to any of the many arms that exist to hang the television on a wall, fixed, mobile and even motorized, which allow its control to be integrated with home automation”Beyond aesthetics, it should be taken into account not only that they offer a guarantee to support the weight of the device (about 15 kg for a 42″ medium flat screen), but also the possibility of rotating and tilting the television to improve the viewing angle (what the screen occupies in our vision), which, according to experts, must be between 30 and 40º to appreciate the screen in its entirety.However, in Ultra HD screens, that angle increases up to 60º.


Even if we place the television optimally in terms of measurements (at a distance between 1.5 and 2.5 times the diagonal of the device and at a height of about 100 cm), if we do not take lighting into account we will not enjoy the best television experience.

“The television should never be the only source of light in a room. Therefore, it is always recommended that, at least, there is a lamp with dim and warm light in the room. On the other hand, an excess of light is not advisable either, because it impairs the perception of the image and causes reflections”,

“We need an ambient light that distracts our eyes from the central point of light”, and, of course, never place the television in front of a window that causes reflections on the screen.


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