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Where To Get React Course Online



Created and developed in the facebook labs, react is one of the most famous JavaScript libraries in the world today. It is a front–end library that makes it easy and scalable to curate applications with strength.

That is why react is becoming the new trend in the work environment and offers developers maximum ease of working.

If you are looking for React JS Certification course, then look nowhere because you have landed on the right site where you will get complete information on the course program.

So without any delays, let’s dive in to know more about react js course and how it helps both developers and enterprises.

Why This Course

This is a comprehensive course in which you will learn redux and react with the latest features such as error – boundaries, hooks, portal, and context.

Loaded with the latest themes and features, this course is based on React 16 and is mandatory for those who want to become front–end developers.

Through this course, you will enter the world of react and front–end development. In this course, you will learn advanced concepts used in building rich web applications.

Also, you will know about the components and architecture of react and how to use flux, react, and redux in web application development.

In this course, you will learn,

  • What are components of react and how to compose and build reusable components in react
  • What is the syntax extension in JavaScript, JSX, and how to use it in UI description
  • How to use state in keeping track of data changes in application over time
  • How to use server-side rendering in building isomorphic apps
  • What are redux hooks, middleware, thunk, and how to use them in applications
  • What is test-driven development and how to use react testing library, Jest, and enzyme
  • How using controlled and uncontrolled components build efficient forms of applications
  • How to use Hook API
  • What are error boundaries, context, portals, and their advantages
  • How to use higher order components, render props, and many such things in reusability and code sharing

This course aims to transform businesses’ workforce with react and covers all related topics.

Who Can Choose This Course

This course is perfect for professionals who want to make a career in client-side web development. Also, students who want to use react in building SPAs.

What You Will Learn In The Course

In this course, students will learn basic to advanced concepts of react. All the modules are crafted carefully and based on the latest trends in react.

Unit 1 React Introduction

The first unit of the course is an introduction to react, in which you will learn how to use react and how to set up, debug and run applications with react.

Unit 2 Components

The second unit is on the importance of component architecture, and you will learn how to decompose UI and convert it into components and then how to compose them back.

Unit 3 State And Props

In the third unit of the syllabus, you will learn how to handle the class-based state in react component. Also, you will learn how to establish communication between various components using props.

Unit 4 Lists

You will learn in this unit how to render lists and use react key prop, and use map functions to generate elements.

Unit 5 More About Components

The fifth unit of the course is based on the component life cycle and how to handle errors and events.

Unit 6 Forms

In this unit, you will learn how to use form elements in react and how to gather form data. Also, you will learn how to use different techniques in coordinating multiple form elements.

Unit 7 Props

You will learn in this unit how to render props, higher-order components, and reuse component logic.

Unit 8 Portals

This unit is on the introduction of the portal and how event bubbling works with it. Also, you will learn how to render children in a DOM node outside of the parent’s DOM hierarchy.

Unit 9 Global And Shared Data

In this unit, you will learn about data flow in reach apps and what are the issues in sharing global data through props in a nested application.

Also, you will learn about context APIs and challenges with props.

Unit 10 Hooks

This unit is based on hooks, in which you will learn Hook API, its introduction, and how to use them. You will study different kinds of hook and how to write the hook.

Unit 11 Routing

In this unit, you will learn what dynamic routing is and how to set up react routers in react apps. Also, you will learn about nested routes, protecting routes, and parameters.

Unit 12 Code Splitting

You will learn in this unit how to optimize production bundle by using code splitting through dynamic imports. Also, you will learn what code splitting and suspense are.

Unit 13 Isomorphic React

This unit is on the isomorphic react in which you will learn how to build high–performance and protect single-page applications through isomorphic react. You will also learn how to use webpack and babel.

Unit 14 Redux

In this unit, you will learn what redux is and how to install setup and connect it to react app. You will learn what state management, middleware, and persistence are.

Unit 15 Testing

The last unit is on testing and how to use Jest with test – utils for writing unit and integration tests from React – DOM library.

Every module is followed by hands-on exercises that will help the students to gain in-depth skills.

What You Need Before The Course

There are not any such prerequisites for this course, but students will gain knowledge of Basic CSS and HTML skills, and JavaScript will learn quickly.

All these skills will help in efficient learning, and students will gain in-depth knowledge.

What You Will Accomplish After The Course

React JS is easy to learn, comes with great community support, is rapidly growing, universal, and has widely used by developers for building applications.

That is why today, developers are using React JS for developing scalable and high-end performing web applications.

So after this course, you will be a part of React developer community with an enhanced portfolio and tonnes of job opportunities.