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Why Do Men On Motorcycles Love Silver Jewelry



Why Do Men On Motorcycles Love Silver Jewelry?

Biker style might not be all the rage this season, but we can’t stop admiring these tough guys riding powerful two-wheelers. What does make a biker image so irresistible – the abundance of leather outfits, tattoos, or cool attitude? One thing is for sure – the biker style is much loved far beyond motorcycle communities. If you wish to man up your appearance in no time and effortlessly draw in attention to your persona, don’t hesitate to try on silver biker jewelry.

Why Do Bikers Prefer Silver?

Men on motorcycles love this metal for the same reasons we all do – it is super durable, visually pleasing, and inexpensive. Only with silver, we can have a luxury of wearing a noble metal while not having to break the bank.

Because silver has a rather neutral color, it blends well with absolutely every gem and precious stone despite its color. Gold, for instance, doesn’t go well with cold-colored inlays (such as blue or purple). Persons who are looking for a more dramatic look can opt for oxidized or blackened silver that carries a certain Gothic vibe. Besides that, silver jewelry can be finished with etching, scratching, brushing, enameling, plating, etc. Plus, silver is a supple metal meaning jewelers can bend, twist, roll, and draw it out to create nice items. Needless to say, silver gives bikers the freedom to express themselves however they want.

The last but not least, this silvery metal resembles the chrome parts of bikers’ mean machines. When every detail of a biker’s look is cohesive with a motorcycle he rides, then he is doing alright.

Biker Jewelry You Can’t Go Wrong With

Bikers are crazy about audacious, knockout, and often humongous jewelry. For them, the size matters – the bigger the batter. The more the better is fair as well. So, when picking a piece of biker jewelry, make sure it is solid, stout, and larger than life.

The staples of the biker style, on a par with leather jackets and vests, are biker rings. Chunky, durable, and heavy, those jewelry behemoths carry common biker symbolism including skulls, crossbones, flames, crosses, pirates, motorcycles and their parts, Indian motifs, and so on.

Interestingly, the first biker rings were not made of silver. The mix of nickel, bronze, and brass – this is the component of the first rings recognized as ‘bikers’. Craftsmen chose these metals for no particular reason. It just happened that a huge economic crisis hitting Mexico the 1960s basically destroyed the local currency. Mexican coins, which became worthless, served as the source for artisans to craft rings and other jewelry. When men on motorcycles saw those Mexican rings, it was love at first sight. Even to this day, Mexican-style rings are sought after in the biker community.

Besides rings, it won’t hurt to add a necklace and bracelet to your look. If you’re up for the top to bottom biker look, make sure to put appropriate earrings on along with a wallet chain and belt buckle. If you want to push your style even further, silver biker-themed lighters, money clips, and motorcycle wallets will definitely come in handy.