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Why do you need to purchase LoL Smurf Accounts?



You might be thinking that when you can get a League of Legends account for free, then why you need to purchase it. The truth is that there isn’t any free League of Legends account exists. Well, as compared to making one by themselves people prefer to buy league of legends accounts, and there are so many reasons behind it, some of these reasons are defined below:

As Compare to Leveling Naturally, it is Faster to Purchase One

It is the topmost and most essential reason for purchasing LOL smurf accounts that it saves your time, which you need in leveling up your account naturally. Recently, to get to level 30, you almost need 20,042 XP. Every game will provide you almost 90 XP per match without any booster packs. If you assume that every match takes almost 25 minutes, then it means that to reach level 30, you need to spend more than 90 hours. Thus, why not purchase a League of Legends account only for $26 approximately, and instead of spending this time in leveling focus on your ranked games?

Get Extra RP and BE

Another additional benefit of purchasing League of Legends accounts is that it comes with RP and BE. Every account comes up with 20K BE, which is enough to purchase three legendary champions. Every legendary champion almost costs 6,300 BE, which means that in framing champions, you will also save your lot of time. Just purchase the legendary champs for the role, which is your favorite and in which you’re interested, and it’s done!

In the game, you can easily change your role and to match purchase all the legendary champs, when you purchase a new account of League of Legends. When you choose to switch to Top Lane from ADC, then there’s nothing worse than spending your 20K BE on the champions. Without wasting your time, you can purchase all the champions you want if you buy a new LoL account. With a various set of champs for a different role, you’ll also have your original account.

Switch Regions Easily

An LoL account can switch the regions easily, and it’s another major reason that you need to consider purchasing that account. Recently, in terms of skill, the most competitive region is EUW, and to test their skill, many players want to play with the players from these regions. If you play on the EU west server and live in Europe, you cannot play with the players playing on the NA servers in the USA, which isn’t seems fair.

While you can purchase a server transfer for 2600 RP through the Riot Store, which is almost $20, and it’s hard to switch back again after once you have switched. Luckily, there is a very simple and easy solution to this problem. You can purchase a smurf LoL account on the servers of NA, and after that, you can easily play within minutes with your friends playing from the USA.

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