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Why is GTA 5 an Incredibly Popular Game?



Before we tell you why a game like GTA 5 is so popular, let’s start with a quick introduction. According to Wikipedia, GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto – V) is a well-known adventure-action video game, which is published by Rockstar Games and developed by brand Rockstar North.

When was GTA 5 Launched?

GTA 5 was launched in 2013 (September) for Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 and 2014 (November) for Xbox One & PlayStation 4. Later, in 2015 (April), the game was also developed for Microsoft Windows.

It is the first-ever incredible entry in the GTA series after 2008’s GTA IV. The game is set within the fictional or imaginary San Andreas state, which is based in South California.

This single-player story trails 3 criminals and their struggles to commit robberies. Its open-world design enables players to roam freely.

This game can be played in two ways. One, from a 3rd person perspective or two, 1st person perspective. The world in the game can be navigated by vehicle or on foot. A player controls the 3 lead protagonists and swap between them during as well as outside missions.

GTA 5’s story is centered on heist sequences, driving gameplay, and missions that involve shooting. Furthermore, a “wanted” system oversees the players that commit crimes. It also has a multiplayer mode online, which allows a maximum of 30 players engaging together in various competitive and cooperative game modes.

How did GTA 5 Become so Popular?

The latest GTA games IV & V are clearly great examples of excellent game designs. At a certain level, they can go incredibly big. In the last few years, there has been more split between Triple A development. Many big licenses have failed to remain fresh. However, the tiny titles are really exciting.

Needless to say that there is something great about GTA, which you cannot help but accomplished over by. Clearly, GTA 5 is an example of immense game, and of course, the consequence of remarkably hard work, and extraordinarily polished. It is more like walking into the Bunnings and being daunted by how comprehensive and huge it is, but only with a few gardening materials and more semi-automatics.

Taking you back when GTA 3 was released, it was huge in its time. In fact, it was the first-ever major game that featured a whole city in 3D and yet in a non-linear style where a player could explore in their freedom or liberty.

It also gave an unparalleled sense of independence. A player could theoretically roam anywhere and play anything.

Happily, in GTA V, such options are better and wider. Surely, you can go on killing a few cops or go for a rage. That disrepute in the non-gaming group is also a fun part.

Though a plethora of gaming franchises have implemented and expanded with the open-world structure or concept, GTA still is the daddy of it all. Its series outshines at crafting a living city, abounding with various things to uncover.

The inhabitants be around you, making you not feel too mechanical. Also, it often responds to your actions in some unpredictable ways.

Besides these, the main characters of this game are astonishingly sympathetic, and its tales woven via these extensive cities are interesting to unravel. Then there is a exciting dose of commentary, which is fun to be a “part” of.

One of the key reasons GTA series is becoming highly popular is for its open-world design, which lets players to be free in being creative and exploring on their own.

A player doesn’t necessarily have to adhere to the main story of the game or any side mission for that matter. The world’s openness and detail itself helps draw a player in and gives a unique and ultimate experience.

Also, its “power fantasy” is worth mentioning here.

Though most of the actions of characters are quite reprehensible, the game makes it look as if a player is doing something awesome or cool. It is truly a careful and yet unbelievable balance between two things: creating a character that seems efficient of performing actions and what a player can expect from a character while playing this game.

Okay. So there is no one specific reason for GTA’s increasing popularity. The rich, huge open world, with a philosophy of “do whatever you like” seems appealing to many people. Also, its shooter mechanics and core driving options make it more interesting.

The locations are evocative and rich. The narratives are fairly amusing in an oblique way. The story is unique and characterized by crass humor.

Having all said that, many players love GTA because the kind of “essence” it gives while playing. Games are always about rules and boundaries, but critically it is frequently about transgressing and subverting those boundaries.

Clearly, the GTA’s world has a few boundaries, which entirely transgress as to what you are permitted to do in a real world: holdups, destroying cops’ choppers with those rocket launchers, and carjacking.

Players also seem to receive a vast amount of thrilled glee from it – I know you will admit this. It is incredibly a hell lot of fun.

Yes, GTA itself has its rules – there are certain things that you cannot do – but are great at covering these up, similar to the liberties of a modern society.

However, it goes further. You will see many political and social codes, which are subverted in GTA’s world: more in the latest games.

So players feel a part of this community who have a prerogative to relish this imaginary world, and this seems to be very popular. A player feels that he or she can really do anything they he or she wants in this fictional world. This is emancipating in a visceral way.