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Why should Doctors Use An Electronic Health Records Software?



The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an integrated and secure tool that allows you to see all of a person’s interactions with the health network and provides a complete digital portrait of their medical history.

The term medical software or electronic health record is used to refer to a software platform that manages the records of the medical acts of patients, in a medical center, hospital or clinic. It is a longitudinal electronic record of the patient’s health information, generated by one or more medical visits in emergencies, consultations, surgeries or diagnostic tests.

This sequence of medical records ordered chronologically or by pathology, typically includes patient demographics, personal or family problems, progress notes, medications, vital signs, vaccines, laboratory data, and radiology reports or images.

Healthroad EHR automates and speeds up the workflow of the health professional. It offers the ability to generate a complete record of a patient’s clinical encounter, as well as support other activities related to care directly or indirectly through the interface, quality management, and reporting results.

It has been shown that good medical software avoids the loss of clinical information of the patient, avoids medical errors due to lack of understanding of the letter of other doctors, correctly issues medication prescriptions, generates communication and satisfaction in patients and increases the productivity of clinical activity.

The data is stored on secure DSE:

EHR is used to store the patient’s medical history between health care providers, but have you ever thought about the shared data on the system. Is it safe enough to keep the private sector and the data if the data becomes public or someone tries to steal the data for the wrong purpose? These are the questions that come to mind when we think of the dark side of the EHR.

Fortunately, to remedy this problem passed to keep patient data secure and private. However, the law does come with various conditions and standards that must be followed in order to keep patient information safe and secure.

EHR is managed by hospitals and doctors who help them get a lot of benefits, but a patient always has the right to keep his private records. Therefore, it should be the responsibility of providers to adopt such an EHR that protects the patient’s data and keeps it private. An EHR system must be such that eliminates all threats to the safety and privacy of the patient.

How can be subscribed EHR?

Access Controls (Private Passkey)

Health care providers, including the physician and nurses, must have access control to achieve the patient’s required medical information. It is important that to make the necessary decisions and changes in the treatment of the patient, there is a need for this access. Sharing the private password between healthcare providers such as good doctors and nurses will make the EHR more secure.

Data Encryption

For data security and out of the reach of unauthorized users, the client’s medical data must be properly encrypted.

Software Use

Providers should use software to maintain a watch on who has access to the patient’s medical data. These spyware records the number of times the patient’s data is seen, when we see and what changes have been made to the original data.

Audit Trail

EHR system must get the audit trail done to see if everything is there to keep the data safe. In case of discrepancy then the necessary changes should be made and some measures should be taken to avoid further errors.

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