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Why Social Media Giveaways are important



It is estimated that are about 3.8 million social media users in 2019, with the number to have potential growth of 9 to 10 % in the coming years. Therefore, social media platforms give an excellent opportunity for companies and organizations to showcase the brand in front of millions of audiences. Curious on how to reach your brands that will make maximum impression and engagement?

One of the best ways to promote your brand is by running a social media giveaway, no matter if your brand is new or old. There are many advantages of using social media giveaway, therefore, you need to make it an integral part of your social media business strategy.

Social Media has many benefits as it allows you to connect with audiences based on age, locations and other demographics. Let’s dive deep into how you can make the best use of this important strategy.

Why social media giveaways or contest are good?

Social media contest is the deal-breaker for promoting your brand because if it is not executed it can’t add value to the customers which will result in a drop of engagement. However, there are examples of successful campaigns that can give you an idea of why you use contest/give away strategy in your social media planning policy.

Real conversion is what every brand wants to from a social media giveaway. There are various kinds of social media strategies that brands follow entirely for this process. Let’s look at some of the great benefits of a social media giveaway.

Brand Growth 

Contest or give away helps in the growth of a brand. For example, if you are running for a free major giveaway then it is very likely that audiences will take part and engage. It will help you to build a community of loyal audiences and at the same time grow the authority of the brand.

Generates Brand Awareness 

Wouldn’t it be nice if people remember your brand? Giveaways can boost promotions of your brand in many ways. However, you will need to optimize the promotions in such a manner that is well accepted by the audience you are targeting. For example, Foundr magazine does frequent giveaways by letting users sign up on the websites via social media accounts. This creates awareness among the audience about the brand.

Helps In Generating Email List 

One of the benefits of social media giveaways is that it creates bulk of emails. And this can help brands to promote their products and services via email marketing techniques. However, you should focus on creating signup forms and such manner. Many brands are successful in generating leads via social media giveaways.

Helpful For Customer Retention

If you have been constantly been passive in social media then running giveaway promotions can help you with the customer retention policy. Social media is a place where people constantly crave new and interesting things. It can entice older customers from turning away from your brand if you run frequent promotions.

Actual Conversion  

Most social media giveaways result in huge amounts of engagements. You can use the benefit of CTA buttons such as like, share, comment, follow, etc. Since the social media algorithms fancy better engagement, therefore, your brand will have high authority, reliability, and better reach.

Last Words:

There are many benefits of social media giveaways because it builds a brand’s overall presence. It can also help to track KPI and ROI. Therefore, you need to include this technique in your social media marketing plan. This all can happen only if you keep your employee so take them for fun activities  such as this escape room in orange county, or or this one