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Why you should love planting trees



Nowadays, most people opt for enriching gardens by planting trees. Usually, the majority of them do it for the beauty or extra shade they provide in summer months, but if you analyze the matter for a bit, you will realize there are more benefits from planting trees that usually get overlooked. Besides for reconnecting us with nature, planting trees has a beneficial impact on our surrounding environment. Hence, if you are considering planting a tree around your house, let`s see what are the core benefits of having trees in your garden.

Great for our ecosystem

Excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leads to climate change, which is the biggest problem the world has today. Hence, opting for a tree planting service will not only help you at a personal level but will allow you to contribute at the worldwide fight for protecting our ecosystem. Keep in mind that only one tree can provide enough oxygen for 4 people!

Reduces air pollution & generates oxygen

One major benefit of planting trees is the fact that a tree has the power to purify the air. It was scientifically proven that trees absorb any kind of pollution gases such as nitrogen oxides, ozone, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and even act as a barrier for particles invisible to our eye. Also, trees replace those harmful gases with oxygen, which will give you cleaner air around the house.

Reduces cooling costs

Did you know the fact that strategically planting trees around your home can drastically diminish air conditioning needs? Well, if you aim for reducing cooling costs during summer, opting for tree planting in your garden is the best solution.

Controls soil erosion

Besides the already mentioned benefits of planting trees, trees are great for reinforcing soil, controlling soil erosion, boosting soil fertility and aid the soil to obtain more moisture. Moreover, when the tree leaves fall, the soil temperature is diminished, preventing soil from losing too much moisture.

Bare soil can easily be damaged by natural weather events such as increased rain periods or draught. By having trees around your home, the soil will be protected by their roots and the risk of soil erosion will be drastically lowered.

Gives shade

As we already mentioned, planting trees is a great solution for cleaner air, but at the same time they offer a great amount of shade around your house. You will easily observe how in summer your home will be protected against burning temperatures, while the air will feel much cooler than in other areas of the city.

Bottom line, if those benefits of planting trees we mentioned convinced you that trees will provide even more than a nice view, you can contact us today for tree planting services. We will asses your property and offer a tree planting cost plan accordingly to your needs.

We at The Real Tree Masters Inc. are a tree planting company that provides services for both commercial and residential properties in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Markham, Richmond hill, Vaughan, Caledon, Halton Hills, Woodbridge to Milton, and the surrounding areas. Our experience and portfolio speak for us, while our previous customers recommend us as the best tree planting services in the area.

So, if you need a tree planting company, give us a call today for more details about environmentally friendly tree planting services.

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