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Wonderful Ideas to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets without spending a lot



Kitchen cabinets are very important furniture within the environment, as they allow you to keep dishes, pans and food well kept, and also help keep the kitchen functional and organized.

But over the years these cabinets end up suffering from wear and tear, and so they get that dull and worn look. At these times, the first impulse is to replace all kitchen cabinets with new models, but this is not always a viable alternative, as the price is often not so inviting.

It’s almost impossible to walk into a house and it doesn’t have a kitchen cabinet. Large, medium, small, colored, white, it doesn’t matter. This furniture is an indispensable item in the kitchen and over time, they end up getting old, with broken handles, worn colors, among other defects. And with that in mind, we have some really cool techniques that will help in Kitchen cabinets refinishing in your home, in a practical way and without spending a lot of money.

Simple Techniques to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

Paint the cabinets

The first technique that can help at these times is to repaint the entire closet, with more current colors that will revitalize the entire piece of furniture, giving a very welcome charm to the kitchen.

Vinyl stickers on cabinets

Vinyl stickers are also very welcome to give a new look to kitchen cabinets, and can be purchased at specialized printers, which will make models with spectacular designs that match any decorative look.

Use of contact paper

There is also contact paper, which has become an ally when it comes to renovating environments, and can be applied to all kitchen cabinets, in a simple and practical way.

And to apply contact paper in the kitchen cabinets in your house, just check out the tips from artisan Priscila Rodrigues, she will show you the step by step to renovate kitchen cabinets with the use of contact paper, in a practical and easy way:

Replace Drawers: 

If your kitchen cabinet isn’t so worn out, but you’re already sick of it, it’s also easy to modify it, without having to buy a new piece of furniture.

Remove some drawers, also remove any object that supports these drawers and turn this place into a single compartment. You can cover with any of the above techniques or put crates in place of drawers. It’s a charm!

Changing Handles

Don’t forget to also invest in small details, such as changing the handles, applying fabric inside the drawers, reinforcing the sides, etc., as each of these details will contribute to the renovation of the kitchen cabinets. Also try changing silver handles for colorful options or even a single wooden door for a glass one and get to work, do the renovation of your kitchen cabinet by spending little.

Use noble wood

This complete kitchen exudes luxury and refinement without losing its rustic and unique touch, given by the combination of wood that accompanies all the kitchen furniture. To compose the cabinets in this environment, mahogany wood, also known as mahogany, is a noble type of wood, denser and highly resistant. Its tonality contributes a lot, bringing more elegance, and is undoubtedly another good option to make this an important space for the family.