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Wood Shutters – Adding Value to Your Home and Company



The wooden shutter allows controlling the entry of light and grants greater privacy to our home. In the market, you can find a wide variety of models and materials that fulfill similar functions but with different results.

The advantages and disadvantages of each type of wooden shutter, so you can choose the ones that best suit you and best match the style of your home.

Functions of the wooden shutter or blinds

The Plantation Shutters Melbourne are formed by thin and narrow sheets that allow controlling the entrance of light and are very decorative to coat the windows.

This type of lattice works as an obstacle to solar radiation, allowing regulating the entry of light according to the needs of residents. In addition, they allow saving energy. The insulation they provide has multiple benefits: they prevent the loss of heat through the glass, regulate the entry of sunlight and, in summer, use thermal inertia to keep the cool inside.

In addition to protecting us from the sun’s rays, the blinds function as acoustic insulation against external environmental noise. They also protect us from adverse atmospheric agents and offer an extra “layer” of security. Finally, the shutters are synonymous with privacy as they form a barrier against prying eyes, some even allowing air and light to pass through.

Tips to keep in mind

The first thing to keep in mind before buying a blind is to know the exact size of the window so that it covers the entire surface. If the opening is in the center of the room it is recommended to add 10 centimeters per side.


Among the most simple and economic shutter, we can find PVC ones, which offer great durability and whose maintenance does not present complications. In addition, they withstand the inclemency of the weather well and their hermetic closure provides good insulation, both thermal and acoustic.

The wooden shutter ones are another good alternative if it is about security and isolation. In turn, they add a decorative bonus to the house. However, their maintenance is more expensive since they need to be painted more frequently in order not to deteriorate and, in the event of a break, their replacement is complicated.

As for aluminum shutters, they favor insulation, security, and maintenance, but their price often exceeds that of the previous lattices. However, its high durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions compensate for the initial investment.

Types of shutters

The roller shutters completely prevent the passage of light and insulate the windows from the outside in case of storms. They also add an extra layer of air that works as an acoustic insulator. Wooden blinds allow better regulation of the amount of light, without completely eliminating its passage. Its cleaning is simple and comes in wood, PVC, and aluminum. If no shutter convinces you, you can also opt for other products that work as light regulators: shutter, panels, and curtains.

Wood is the most expensive material, but it is also a great option for windows because of its excellent features. The wooden shutter is a great acoustic and thermal insulator since it is not a conductor, but they need more maintenance. Also, some windows combine materials to make them more resistant and allow better decoration, such as aluminum for the exterior and wood inside.

Not only should you keep in mind the material to be used, but also the type of opening that you have to ensure low energy consumption and general well-being. Those that are sliding are less hermetic so it should be taken into account in what spaces to place them.

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