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Work in insurance – life and development, drive and dynamics



How the business processes of selling traditional products, such as are, for example, auto insurance, transforming in the context of digitalization? What will help insurers successfully overcome the crisis? What is the future of affiliate and regional sales? Anna Kuleshova, Head of Sales through Federal Partners of Absolut Insurance LLC, answers these and other questions of the Insurance Today portal.

Finance, insurance, from the point of view of most people, are rather boring and conservative industries. Do you agree with this opinion?

The financial industry has really always been considered very conservative and a little prim, but right now there is an opportunity to change this opinion. Affiliate sales are closely related to the economic environment in the state, and since it is constantly changing, our industry follows the changes and, being in dynamics, increases its expertise and forms the contour of the financial services market. Working towards the development of partnerships in the insurance sector allows us to steadily build up our own expertise, learn to act in the face of constant changes, make decisions in situations of uncertainty and face new challenges every day, showing maximum ingenuity in working on new projects.

What qualities and skills can be developed by working in insurance in the direction of partner sales?

Working with partners allows you to hone your communication skills, negotiator talents, and develop empathy. Interacting with another person is always interesting, as each person is unique. By communicating, trying to find a solution that benefits both sides, you get to know yourself better. And of course, you feel the joy of achieving a positive result in difficult and interesting negotiations. Insurance helps to find new friends, because we communicate with many of our partners outside of work. Most insurers are very interesting, developed and extraordinary personalities.