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A Detailed Understanding of Mangastream | Best Alternatives of Mangastream




Motion pictures have more attraction and that’s the main reason why people love to watch such movies. However, there is still a considerable number of people who still like to read comics. Mangastream is one such site where any comic lover can read the preferred comics. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen reasons, the site shut down.

What is Mangastream? 

Mangastream is one of such sites for comic lovers that it hardly got forgotten. It originated the concept of comics online and had an array of collections. Now, when it is no more, people find it really hard to find its alternatives.

Fans and readers gave massive attention and love to this site. Mangastream allowed the users to translate comics in different languages so that everyone could enjoy the same level of quality. Since it was free of cost site and the users weren’t supposed to register, it became the heart for all those who had a thing for comics. This feature proved to have massive growth of views. It stayed up and live for a little more than ten years. You may think that why the site got shut down when everything was cool? Let’s dig in the answer.

What made Mangastream come to an end?

Mangastream was all about duplicate content and illegal use of providing the content. Naturally, with illegal means of providing content to the audience, it had to get banned! The Japanese owner of the site claimed it boldly and then shut the site without any regret.

Best Alternatives of Mangastream 

Mangastream lovers find it hard to find the best alternatives which are why we are helping them out by mentioning the best alternatives.


Mangafox contains an array of comics which are read by the comic lovers. Features that make this site unique are as follows;

  • Free of cost
  • No registration or subscription needed
  • Also has an Android application on Google Play Store
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface


Another site that works as a great source of alternative sites for Mangastream is Mangadex. There are many features of this site, above all, it is the perfect substitute of Mangastream. Other features are listed below;

  • Comics are in 20 languages
  • Discussion can be initiated in the “forum chat” option
  • Free of cost
  • Doesn’t require a subscription plan or registration


The third option to use as an alternate is Mangapark. It has a massive fan following. Some features that stand out this site include;

  • User-friendly site
  • Excellent, easy interface
  • Images can be uploaded
  • Comics have different genres

Last Words – Which is the best alternative to Mangastream? 

The reasons for the downfall and ultimately shut down of Mangastream are mentioned in this article. We have also provided three best alternatives to Mangastream. For your convenience, we have mentioned the links to the alternative sites that will allow you to read the favorite comics of all time.