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Top 10 Alternative Sites Like Primewire for Watching Movies



Top 10 Alternative Sites Like Primewire for Watching Movies

Among the best, Primewire had been long known as the best for watching free movies online. Then something went wrong and the website was no more accessible. Now the movie streaming lovers had to find a way out and find sites same like Primewire. Well, there is a great number of websites providing similar services as of Primewire and the good part is neither the quality is compromised nor the content. You can get access to a huge number of quality movies on those websites as they have mammoth libraries to stream free movies. The handy part it you can access the websites via mobile too as these sites are mobile optimized. We will discuss some alternatives of Primewire that will allow you to watch free movies online. So here is the list:

  1. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is similar to Primewire with an amazing experience. Talk about best quality and variety of genres, MoviesJoy is going to be your pick. Name any new release and you will find it here as they regularly update their servers and databases. The quality is top and name any genre like comedy, romance or horror etc, you will find all here. A huge number of people prefer this site and the funny part is people don’t mind ads that may appear regularly while watching a movie here. The plus point is it can be accessed via iOS or Android devices that give mobility factor to using this site. These are the reasons more and more people use this website as an alternative of Primewire.

TIPS: So here is the think folks, download the MoviesJoy app for Anrdoid or iOS now and enjoy watching movies free. All you have to do is type in MoviesJoy on Play store search for your android mobile and download this amazing app, MoviesJoy on your phone.


The site allows you to watch the latest movies

A great quality of HD movies

Ads normally don’t display that often


You have to deal with CAM quality for most videos still

  1. Fmovies

Content makes Fmovies compete Primewire as this site has a lot to offer. When it comes to newest movies, Fmovies rank at the top; you can even find movies still premiering in theaters. All those who are lazy to watch a movie in cinema, Fmovies is a great alternative to watch online at your home. I personally like the recommendation feature to know what people are watching most and what is the frequency of a particular movie being watched. You will never be short of movie options at this site and you can also watch movies on your android device too. What annoys me the most is popping ads as they appear whenever you click anywhere in the site. So what are you waiting for this great alternative of Primewire is at arm’s length on a single click on your device.

TIPS: You can find Fmovies on Play store as they have an app for android users. All you have to do is type in Fmovies on play store search and download this app to stream any movie free to watch online.


A fresh released movie can be found in this site

Crisply organized library for movies


Annoying ads might appear whenever a video is played

  1. Ganol

Another great alternative of Primewire is Ganol contains a mammoth amount of high quality content in terms of movies. The quality of video can be selected in this site which is a great aspect. What makes this site different is availability of wide range of TV series and you can watch a movie or a specific TV show alongside. Not only Hollywood movies, you can find movies from various other countries as well and that adds to the diversity of this website. You will like most about this website is lesser amount of ads compared to other sites and this is way it makes to our list of alternatives for Primewire.


All fresh TV series or Movies are updated regularly.

Bluray quality is available for movies that give you a high definition watching experience


Every time you run a video it will show video ads

  1. 1Movies

When it comes to Movies or TV shows, 1Movies has a lot to offer in terms of content. Alongside it will keep you posted with latest episodes name any TV show or a movie. This website allows the visitors to choose quality for watching a movie so that they can select the best video. The website is well sorted and you have the option to select a specific year in order to watch a movie of that particular year. Such easy navigations and a great variety of movies make this website a great alternative when you want to watch a movie on a platform other than Primewire.


You can easily watch a recently aired movie in the theaters with 1Movies

This website shows IMDb rankings for each movie


You will find latest movies with CAM quality

  1. WatchMovieStream

WatchMovieStream makes it to list of alternative of Primewire due to its great variety. You can access free movies online and the options are huge. Although the variety is great but frequently popping ads will turn you off as they appear when you click anywhere. If you can deal with the ads thing then we promise you best quality when it comes to WatchMovieStream. Since the site is regularly updated people prefer this site despite ads.


Top release in the box office can be watched here every month

They have well sorted genres


Some of the updated videos are not yet in HD quality

You may not find some uploaded movies with High Definition Quality

  1. Panda-Streaming

Name a movie or the latest TV show, Panda-Streaming has it all in their library and that makes them unique as an alternative for Primewire. You will not only find the ratings but also the frequency of a particular movie being watched in this site. They have a great list of movies. It will allow you to know which movie is being watched most so you know the best movie to stream in this site. The movie poster shows the quality of the movie as well so that one can know prior to watching a particular movie. All these features make Panda-Streaming a good option when you look for an alternative for Primewire.


Year wise sorting of movies is available to select an all-time popular movie

Not only movies, you can also watch online tv shows that are in trend for free


Numerous ads will display when you play a video

  1. Flixgo

Another great Primewire like site, Flixgo contains huge variety of movies in the library. What makes this site different from other contemporary sites is option of viewing a 4k quality movie. This quality is supported by lesser sites as it ranks much higher than HD when it comes to quality. Not only this feature makes it a better alternative for Primewire but is has mammoth variety of films to select from. This site is strong contender for making guaranteed satisfaction when watching a movie free online.


A well sorted library based on genres and year

You can also download movies free form this site with high quality


Redirection to other sites can be harmful to your device

  1. MoviesnShows

MoviesnShows will provide you any movie released from 2004 to 2019’ a well sorted database contains almost all the movies that were released in mentioned time span. Select a year and the the site option will show you all the movies released in that particular year. If you have free time this site will conveniently provide you desired movies that you want to watch free. The only glitch is ads popping out of nowhere so you have to deal with that rest assure it make an amazing alternative for Primewire


Listing of top IMDb movies are shown in this site

MoviesnShows also premier Bollywood movies


Different sites for video appear when movie is played

  1. MovieFreak

Watching a high definition movie in MoviesFreak make it stand as a substitute for Primewire. They have high definition content available in libraries. The only glitch is you have to wait for a better print which they are slow to upload for new movies. It is going to be worth waiting for the better print of a movie as you will get a HD deal for sure. They also keep the audience keen with post related to upcoming movies that is due to arrive soon in the site. The=is way audience may know what to expect next.


The main page will feature the movies that are watched most

List of movies that will arrive soon are listed in the site


Some promotions will make the content vulnerable to your device

  1. MovieNinja

A crisply organized site with HD content to stream online is MovieNinja. Making to the que of substitutes of Primewire this site offers a huge collection of TVs shows and HD movies. All this content is updated on daily basis and chances are low that you miss your fav episode. Their main page features all the fresh releases and the interface is clean for optimal user experience. Thus, making it a hot alternative to watch a movie online.


You will find films ad series mostly in High Definition

All great movies are grouped in a separate section


At times it will not upload movies of 2018 due to some unknown reason

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