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13 Best Free Streaming Sites with No Need of Sign-Up or Registration



Watching movies and TV shows without registration or signup is possible, right? However, many of us don’t know as to what to do in order to get hold of the list of those websites. Well, in this article, we have gathered fifteen best websites which help users to stream movies online without investing a single penny.

Let’s delve in the list of websites and know their main features.

13 Best Free Streaming Sites without Signup or Registration

Below is a list of 13 best websites that will facilitate you with online streaming. However, for excellent solutions, you must install/download a VPN so that the laptop or other gadget stays safe from tracking, spying, and secure from hackers.

  1. Afdah

Afdah, just like Vumoo is that website which allows the user to stream TV shows as well as movies online. It does not need registration, neither any signup or any investment to watch favorite shows, movies, and etc. Design and structure of the website are clean and simple. Since Afdah is all about the huge collection of movies and TV in the most organized manner, it leaves the user with a satisfying feel. Along with that, there are no advertisements that would leave users frustrated. More than twenty origins of movies and shows are present on this website. Moreover, users get to find movies and shows between 1920 and 2019 on the basis of category or genre. Movies are of high quality, comes with IMDB ratings, and trailers are part of the movie. For trailers, you don’t have to open the movie. Instead, you only have to place the cursor on the movie or show to watch the trailers.

  1. HD MegaBox

HD MegaBox facilitates user with the best form of streaming; the one which is fast and of premium quality. Unlike many other free websites for streaming, HD MegaBox adds movies and Tv shows frequently and regularly. Besides that, HD MegaBox lets the user share the movies and shows with others. Application of HD MegaBox is available on both, iOS and Android. If you want to watch the newest movies and shows, then you must install HD MegaBox’s application on smartphones and other gadgets.

  1. PopcornFlix

Who doesn’t like munching popcorn and nachos while streaming a TV show or movie? Similarly, nobody likes to get infested with silly advertisements and monolingual, untwisted ways of watching an online movie. For that purpose, we have this option of watching best and famous movies (and etc.) on PopcornFlix. Well, it is considered the best website due to certain facts. First of all, the user doesn’t have to download movies. Secondly, there is no need for signup or registration. Moreover, there are several genres including, Sci-Fi, horror, thriller, romance, and so on. When it comes to the interface, it has the best yet simple and easy to access structure. In addition to it, you can sync the website with other smart devices like smartphone and tablet. In short, PopcornFlix is compatible with Roku TV, Samsung TV, Android, Xbox 360, iOS, and etc.

  1. Moonline

Moonline is a website for online streaming and is packaged with many unique features. First of all, it contains only high-resolution movies. Signup is not needed but there are not many movies in Moonline which is the reason why it is not regarded as such. However, the user gets to find movies between the years 2004 and 2019. IMDB ratings are mentioned too which makes the user satisfied. Since Moonline is a website that runs on advertisements, there are a couple of them in the start. Other than that, the user doesn’t get to see a lot of commercials during the movie. Besides all these features, there is a list of characteristics of Moonline which entails IMDB rating, country, genre, and synopsis of the movie. Last but not least, Moonline includes movies like “How to Train your Dragon”, “Aquaman”, “Bumblebee”, and “The Mule”.

  1. SnagFilms

Another online streaming website to watch the latest movies is SnagFilms. It is one of the best and excellent websites because, firstly, it is run by ViewFlix and secondly, it doesn’t need any registration. SnagFilms doesn’t allow third-party movies to get displayed on their official website. However, the collection is huge which is solely the property of SnagFilms. Users are appreciated to watch movies on laptops, iPad, iPhone, and other Android gadgets. Therefore, the website is suitable for almost everyone – those who have Android or iOS.

  1. Yahoo! View

Yahoo! View is that option for which many users have been waiting. Yes, because it is free of cost, readily accessible without registration and signup, and most importantly a hub for watching online movies. Nevertheless, there is a problem. Users from outside the United States are not allowed to access the site. That is the reason why people use VPN for watching movies from this site. Besides movies, anyone can watch TV shows/series, documentaries, anime, famous and authentic networks like NBC, ABC, and Fox.  Picture resolution is mostly good, the speed of streaming is excellent, and the structure is flawless. Going to genres will facilitate users to choose whatever they like to watch.

  1. 5Movies

5movies is another website in the list because of certain factors which determine it to be the best among the rest. Features that stand this website out are based on the facts. First of all, to watch movies, anime, TV shows and series, and cartoons, the user doesn’t have to register or get any premium membership. Moreover, it facilitates users with dramas from Asian origin. In addition to it, 5Movies is regarded and taken as the “daddy of online streaming websites”. It has several servers so that if one doesn’t function, user can hop on to another and do the needful – watch whatever he wants. As far as structure is concerned, it is very clear and accessible. Last but not least, 5Movies comes with a full range of movies, and etc. with an excellent streaming speed.

  1. HD Movies

This is yet another website to watch movies and shows online without signup or holding a premium membership to get access. HD Movies is that website which is a dream for many users. Reason being, it is a platform for high resolution and HD movies or shows. When it comes to categories, it is divided into six segments – all movies, years, newly added, years, top IDMB, and genre. Despite the fact that the collection of movies and shows are not as huge as other websites, it is still regarded for what it contains. It is said that when users make use of extension named “adblocker”, people can watch movies, and etc. easily without any disturbance or annoyance. Otherwise, the user has to get ready for closing too many popups in the form of advertisements or commercials.

  1. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is that website which has ample features for the users who don’t want to register or become a premium member of the website. Therefore, MoviesJoy is all about watching movies without advertisements, choosing what to watch on the basis of genre, category, country, IMDB ratings, duration, date and year of release, and quality of the movie. Since there are several servers, users can easily continue watching movies if one server is busy or down due to any reason.

  1. SolarMovie

When it comes to SolarMovie, there isn’t one or two but many unique and interesting features that make it the best online streaming website. First of all, it has tons of movies, anime, and shows. This website is based on HD quality, excellent speed of streaming, and everything in between. However, when it comes to the structure of the website, it is clear and away from complexities. Movies and shows on this website can be found through IMDB ratings, origin, and genre. Besides this, users can watch movies from twelve different countries. Another interesting feature which is absent from other websites is about the request – user can request to upload movies or shows which are not present in the site.

  1. AZMovies

AZMovies is a hub of watching HD movies online, without the formality of registration or downloading. It means that the website can be used as a free resource for streaming movies of the choice. Movies can be searched on the basis of the year of release and genre. The search bar is another addon which takes care of ultimate ease for users. Like many other websites for online streaming, AZMovies also has three servers which mean to watch a movie on another server if one doesn’t work. One of the best features of AZMovies is that there is only HD quality of movies. As far as advertisements are concerned, they are not too many and they don’t bother the user (until and unless they are clicked).

  1. My Download Tube

My Download Tube which is another free online streaming website. Interestingly, there are not only movies but games too for gamers. Other salient features of this website include no signup required, excellent speed of streaming, Bollywood and Hollywood movies are added to the website, and new releases are added as soon as they are off the big screen (cinema). Despite all these qualities, there is a problem. My Download Tube redirects the user to several links which become a source of agitation and frustration.

  1. Putlocker

Last on the list, we have Putlocker. Its structure is just like the interface of 123movies, Fmovies, and SolarMovie. The website comprises both, TV shows and movies. User can easily make access to movies or/and shows through IMDB ratings, alphabetical order, country of origin, and genre. Besides that, mostly movies and TV shows are fixated to supreme HD quality. When it comes to advertisements, there are hardly any (couple of them). They start only when the user clicks on them.

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