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Best 10 Websites to Watch – Free TV Shows and Movies



Websites from where you can watch movies and television shows or series are best when they don’t need any downloading or registration. If you need to know about the list of the best ten websites that aim to provide entertainment without downloading movies etc., then it is what you should continue reading.

In this article, you are about to learn about the best movie websites for online streaming. Let’s delve in to know about the features, pros, and cons, and description of the movie sites.

Best 10 Websites to Watch Free TV Shows and Movies

Below are the best movies to watch online without the process of downloading.


123movies has the simplest and easiest to use UI, and is very fast as the website loads in just under 3 seconds. You can browse through thousands of movies and tv shows. They also have a very responsive search engine which can help you find any movie or tv show instantly. Just type in the keyword or the title of the movie/tv show you are looking for and get the results instantly.

No pop up/intrusive ads makes this website the perfect website to watch movies online free. You do not need to sign up for an account, just click on the movie or an episode to stream instantly. Although, if you opt to sign up for an account, it will allow you access to several features like save for later, rating movies etc. Video player on the website is clean and is loaded with features like skipping forward, cinema mode, movie and tv show suggestions and reporting broken videos.

123movies4u also hosts movies from different countries and languages, you can find movies from bollywood(Hindi/Urdu), lollywood(Urdu), Korean cinema, Chinese and Russian. YOu can browse Top IMDB list as well as the most popular movies list as well.


Go123Movies is a website that facilitates with a full library based on videos, TV series, and movies that could easily be downloaded, provided that you have a strong Wi-Fi connection. However, you need to register before start using the services. It is perhaps to ward off people who download and then provide the same services to others. By registration, users are bound to follow the terms and conditions of the website they use.

What does it hold in the library?

  • Most popular and high-rated movies
  • Famous TV series or shows
  • Features movies and TV shows
  • Coming soon movies (featured on the main homepage)

What do you get to know about movies and TV series?

  • The budget of the movie or TV show
  • Date and day of release of the movie or TV show
  • Duration of the movie or the TV show
  • Rating on IMBD
  • Plot and cast

Note: You can easily locate the movie by going to the movies section and then filtering them by any of the mentioned tricks.


Vumoo is that website which is pretty much similar to 123Movies and SolarMovie. Like these two websites, Vumoo also comes with an interface that is clean and astounding. Vumoo, however, is not like 123Movie in which you have to register and then start using the site. However, the main catch of this site is that user or you don’t have to download the movie. Instead, watching it online while streaming is the main incentive of the site.

What Vumoo treasures?

  • Movies
  • TV shows and series
  • Excellent quality
  • Streaming is way faster as compared to other websites
  • Movies or TV shows can be located by typing its name in the search bar

Nevertheless, there are not many choices to sort out movies. For instance, niches or genres, release date, year of release, IMBD ratings, the origin of the movie, and etc.


Interestingly, YoMovies is considered as the best yet most authentic place to go to watch Indian, English, Tamil, South Indian, and movies from many other origins. The best feature of this website is fixated to the following aspects:

  • TV shows related to different origins and backgrounds are uploaded in YoMovies
  • Also, no registration is required
  • You can watch anything from YoMovies without any download
  • Moreover, it facilitates user with:
  • IMDB ratings
  • Telugu movies
  • English movies
  • Hindi or Indian movies
  • Punjabi movies
  • Tamil movies
  • Trending movies
  • There are two different streaming servers
  • If one server goes down, you can stream movie or show on another server
  • Quality and speed of movies and TV shows is faster and of high-end sort
  • Interface is user-friendly
  • No nonsense of advertisements in the middle of the movie
  • There are ads at the beginning of the movie though


Cmovies is functional without downloading or registration. It clearly means you can enjoy the best time without any frustration of downloading and then watching what it is. Like other websites mentioned above, this too has several types of movies which include;

  • Holly movies
  • Bollywood movies

Besides that, there are some qualities which are worth highlighting. Those are:

  • The layout of the website is user-friendly and quite organized
  • You get to find:
  • The plot of the movie or TV series
  • IMBD ratings
  • Origin of the movie
  • The genre of the movie
  • There are four and not two streaming servers; if one goes down due to any reason, there are other three to use
  • The interface of the website is almost like any premium movie hub


VexMovies is actually a hub of movie where anyone can go and stream movie of the choice. Best features of this website are mentioned below:

  • VexMovies is a streaming online movie website which doesn’t need downloading or registration
  • It is not a place to get your favorite TV series or shows which means you can rely on this site only for movies
  • Advertisements are not present which makes the user at ease
  • This is one of the best alternatives of Vumoo, SolarMovie, and 123movies
  • By using the option of “Advanced Search” the user can find the movie he/she wants to watch
  • High-resolution movies are found easily with fast streaming facility

Nevertheless, there is a problem which makes it a bit tacky for the watcher. “Download” and “Watch Now” buttons. Users get baffled at times about it which becomes the source of agitation.

If you want to watch Indian of Bollywood movies online by streaming, then is the perfect website. It is because, the site doesn’t require money, registration, or download. Besides that, users also get to find documentaries as well as dubbed movies.

What are the perks of this site?

It allows you to browse about:

  • Actors and actresses
  • Synopsis of the movie
  • Directors and cast
  • IMDB ratings
  • Genre
  • Duration of the movie
  • Year, date and day of the release


In this site, you will be able to watch the latest and famous movies. Along with that, you will also get to see featured movies on the top section of the website. Other specifications or features of Zmovies include the following elements:

  • Quality of the movies along with streaming speed is excellent
  • You don’t need to wait for the download to watch, instead, you can watch it on the go
  • Moreover, the site is not full of crappy advertisements
  • A couple of advertisements pop up in the start though which is justified based on the fact that it is free of cost website

Last but not least, it is one of the best online streaming websites. Once you watch a movie or show on it, you will simply get hooked.


Crackle is that website which gives you a subtle feeling so happy. Reason being, its layout is friendly and convenient to use. However, the real aim of the site, according to the developers and owners, is to provide TV episodes as well as complete movies online without downloading.

Other features of crackle include;

  • Little but crispy content in the go
  • Doesn’t require registration

You are however encouraged to create an account in order to view watchlist.


Like other online movie streaming websites, Movie4u also comes with the same features – no registration, no downloads, free of cost, and Hindi dubbing. Moreover, other features are enlisted below:

  • Best website for both Indian (Bollywood) and English (Hollywood) movies and shows
  • Comes with a pack of:
  • Genres or categories of movies and TV shows
  • Trending movies and shows are highlighted
  • Ratings are from IMDB
  • The year, month, date, and day of the release are mentioned as well
  • Cast and users’ rating are cited too
  • Streaming is of excellent quality
  • Two servers are dedicated to a few selected movies and TV shows

PopCornFlix is that site which is included in this list of ten best online movie site because of the fact that it is rich content-wise. At times, it takes several minutes to open though. The reason is however based on its heaviness.

Which categories are included in

  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Documentary
  • New releases
  • Drama
  • Thriller
  • Sci-Fi

By clicking on the genre, you will be able to select a movie that you want to watch. Nevertheless, you won’t be able to find any television series or shows on this site. Therefore, it clearly means that you will only get movies from this site.

Last Verdict – Conclusion

All in all, the entire list of ten websites that facilitate users to watch movies and/or television series/shows have three common grounds.

First of all, most of the websites mentioned above, don’t need registration. They also don’t require downloads to watch the movies. Finally, they happen to come with the minimum number of advertisements. Even if they occur, it is in the start and not during the videos.

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