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Top Alternative Sites for 123Movies, Fmovies, Putlocker, Soap2day and Yesmovies Alternative Yolamovies



What is SolarMovie? It is one of the most famous online streaming websites from there people can watch movies and shows. Obviously, there are many unique qualities of this website which makes it different from other online streaming sites.

First of all, users are given ease and comfort. You must be thinking about how. Well, it is by giving the option of registering or not registering to this site. It means that it is not a hard and fast rule to make an account and then start using the site. Instead, anyone can use it with or without the account. Furthermore, SolarMovie doesn’t have any advertisements. This feature enables the user to use the site without any disturbance or interruption.

Since SolarMovie has many users, it at times is not accessible. That is the time when you need to know the alternative to SolarMovie. Therefore, we have listed some of the best substitutes of Solar Movie below.

Suitable Substitutes of SolarMovie

Let’s discuss these alternative sites separately.

  1. TV Box

There is something similar between a well-maintained library and TV Box. Think about what it could be! Well, yes… it is about the way it is organized, systematically, alphabetically, and timely. Also, this website is a hub of series, Anime, and movies; which could be streamed online. TV Box also features the most popular series on its homepage. It also reveals a forthcoming TV series, movies, and Anime.

Advantages that are attached to this site include, complete series with all episodes and easy access to finding the required movie, Anime, or show. On the other hand, we have complaints from users about its homepage which is very old fashioned and outdated. Nevertheless, there is one distinctive feature that puts this site in the list of best SolarMovie alternates – videos time is mentioned when it is uploaded.

  1. MovieWatcher

Another movie site that made to this list is MovieWatcher. This is one of those sites which facilitates users with easy and comfortable access to movies because they are placed on the homepage. Also, it features the most popular and new movies separately in a unique style. Moreover, biographies of famous actresses and actors are mentioned in the site which can be easily located.

In short, it is the perfect source of letting know about your favorite actresses and actors. It is in short, one of the best resources to get to watch any new movie, Anime, or TV show.

Unique traits of this site are fixed to its amazing navigation and interface. In addition to it, the site is full of new and old movies and you can watch TV shows that are aired daily. However, there is a problem to this site which puts off the user. The issue is with the redirecting, it means that you are taken to another link to watch the movie, TV show, or Anime. That another site basically is owned by a third-party.

  1. Let Me Watch This

Let Me Watch This may sound hilarious to many but it is one of the best alternatives of SolarMovie. Reason being, it is free of cost site which powers through advertisements. To get complete access to the site, you are supposed to make an account.

However, the site has a complete range of old and new movies and TV shows. Furthermore, the navigation is based on a very easy template. That is another reason why people prefer using the site.

When it comes to perks of the site, we know that it contains recent movies which are placed on the homepage. Also, it possesses all new released movies and shows. Besides that, all movies are in both, low and HD quality which can be altered according to the internet’s speed. The only problem that a user faces during watching movies on Let Me Watch This is regarding registration or creating an account.

  1. IMDb

This website is not just recognized but a very famous one in the world of movies. It is more like a place to learn and then unlearn different aspects of the movie industry. IMDb is a complete package of content related to movies. You can easily get to find articles based on movies and TV shows along with the legit information of actors and actresses.

Also, it holds an authentic rating system which enables users to know more than everything before watching a movie. Many users find it the only credible website for online movie streaming.

Pros of IMDb entails trustworthiness on rating and update on new movies and TV shows. Nevertheless, there is only one issue with the movies that are uploaded in IMDb – CAM or low-quality movies. Last but not least, you being the user can also rate the movie.

  1. WatchMoviesFree

WatchMoviesFree is another well-reputed site that functions like the alternate for SolarMovie. Since this website is based on movies and shows in HD quality, it is used by a number of individuals. New releases along with trending movies are added regularly without any fail.

Also, this site is known for a unique feature – digging movies of specific actor and actresses by just typing out their names on the search bar in the site. These are real assets on the basis of which WatchMoviesFree is rated as the best replacement of SolarMovie.


Some of the advantages that belong to WatchMoviesFree include all types of movies, TV series or shows, and Anime. However, there are many advertisements which the user has to bear in order to enjoy the video, movie, shows, or Anime.

  1. YTS (Yify)

Earlier known as Yify, YTS is a website from where anyone can stream movies in HD quality. This is one of the oldest movies and almost every old online streamer knows about this site. However, YTS was taken down by the owners and authorities more than thrice and every time it came back with a new name. YTS is now only used for movie downloads.

In addition to it, the site is a complete and big library of movies from the oldest and modern times. Old movies include those which are were released fifty years ago from now. Therefore, users are sure of getting what they want from classics and trending movies.

Furthermore, Torrent is used in order to download movies. However, advertisements are a disturbing factor because ads pop up every time you open a movie or show to watch. In short, YTS is a Torrent site and facilitates downloads with the feature of pausing the download on Torrent.

  1. Yes Movie

Movies, as well as TV series/shows, can be viewed on Yes Movie. What kind of movies are uploaded here could be your next question. Well, they include classics as well as new releases. However, the site is run on the advertisement which makes it obvious that ads pop up after every few minutes. So much so that, whenever you click on a movie or show to watch, it redirects you to another link where advertisements are displayed. This indeed becomes frustrating and overwhelming for the users.

Moreover, Yes Movie is a good platform or website which contains good quality movies. It has excellent and user-friendly navigation and categories/genres are well organized. Therefore, a lot of time and energy is saved while hinting for the movie you want to watch.

Updates of most recent movies are featured with the display of “movie of the month”. In short, Yes Movie also adds new movies and shows on its homepage with a brief description.

  1. AllMovie

AllMovie has made its way to this list of best alternatives of SolarMovie for a couple of reasons. First of all, it is considered an excellent site to know the most trending and hot movies that are displayed on cinemas, online streaming, and DVDs. Since this site has genres, themes, and moods, it becomes easier for the user to watch something as per the mood or liking.

Furthermore, the “Advanced Search” facilitates search on the grounds of date release, genres, ratings, awards, related shows, and reviews of the movies or shows. This site also has advertisements which are the only problem while watching the movie online.

Last Verdict – Conclusion

SolarMovie is no wonder one of the best online streaming websites which are functioned through the internet. Without that, you can’t seem to enjoy movies online (on SolarMovie). Also, it is a known fact that we don’t have an internet connection with us for 24/7. However, every same thing is applicable to all the sites which are mentioned in this article. Which means that you need an internet connection before and while watching movies online. Kindly remember and bear in mind that you have to have internet for downloading as well as streaming movies/TV shows online.


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