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Best Free Antivirus 2020 | Free Software and Paid Antivirus



Best Free Antivirus

Buying best free antivirus is a call of time! Today, at this time, when almost everyone is working on a computer, PC manufacturers make sure to provide an in-built antivirus. At times, it suffices the need. Unfortunately, it doesn’t all the time and that is where the need of a best antivirus 2020 comes in place.

For example, in Windows 8 we have an antivirus called “Windows Defender” that claims to help the user in almost every regard. Well, this is not much of a help because there are many competitors out there that render more than expected features.

These paid antiviruses facilitate with a plethora of salient features that are definitely more than a basic version of any good antivirus. Some of those features include webcam hijacking, protections against ransomware, and system optimization. Other qualities of these paid antiviruses include the protection of identity theft, password managers, and solutions on cloud-backup.

You will see different paid antiviruses and each is different, yet workable in its own unique way. However, each of them is exceptional around the services it offers. Normally, pricing is based on the number of advantages you can get from an antivirus.

Rely on 07 Best Free Antivirus 2020 – For All the Right Reasons!

Knowing so, it would be prodigious to learn about these 7 antiviruses that work out best in 2020. Here, we have added both, best free antivirus as well as those which can be used after a purchase in reasonable prices.

  1. Norton 360 Deluxe
  2. McAfee Internet Security
  3. Kaspersky Total Security
  4. ESET Smart Security Premium
  5. Sophos Home Premium
  6. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus
  7. Trend Micro Maximum Security

Norton 360 Deluxe (

Norton 360 Deluxe has everything you could possibly wish to have in an antivirus. Features that make this antivirus unique are mentioned below.

  • Comes with a backup software
  • There is a firewall option
  • You can turn on the game mode
  • Parental control feature is added
  • Webcam is protected
  • An unlimited VPN can be used

Eight products are launched by Norton antivirus and all of these give an amazing user experience. In regard to malware protection and light load which is on the system, it proves to be one of the best antiviruses of all time. However, there are some features that are not included in every product, and hence, that calls Norton 360 Deluxe calls “best” when it comes to productivity.

Norton 360 Deluxe has features that make it one of the most favorite ones in the market. Those features are the unlimited VPN, monitoring children’s activity and the parental control, password manager, monitoring personal data on the dark web, and approximately 50 GB of storage space (online). However, the other two products of the same company, Norton 360 Platinum and Norton 360 Premium tend to provide more space – 20 and 10 devices respectively. Norton is known for facilitating users with three packages with different degrees of “LifeLock” service.

Despite the fact that the price is in three figures, it is considered good and not too pricey. Reason being, it has many features that can be of higher value if bought separately. Among those feature we have;

  • Cloud backup storage
  • Identity protection
  • Antivirus software
  • Password manager

Unlike other best antivirus 2020, there are some features that are not added in this one. For example, it doesn’t offer a file shredder, secure web browser, or file encryption. Other than these features, you will get almost every other feature that constitutes in making it the best one to use in 2020.

McAfee Internet Security (

This antivirus is not perfect but is considered one of the best antiviruses in 2020. Features that you can avail are listed below;

  • Firewall option is there
  • You can use gaming mode
  • Contains password manager
  • There is ransomware rollback

Although McAfee antivirus has improved massively in the past years, unfortunately, it is still lacking some of the main features which is why it is still just good and not an awesome product. Nevertheless, the cheapest and a very basic product of this brand, McAfee Antivirus Plus is nothing but a reasonable bargain. You have to pay $60 annually for software that functions in only 10 devices. Whether you operate it in OS X, Windows, Android, or iOS, the antivirus is bliss because it possesses a file shredder and a (two-way) firewall.

Among other products of McAfee, the best one is McAfee Total Protection Ultimate. Why? The reasons are mentioned below;

  • Unlimited VPN services
  • Gaming security
  • Reasonable rates

Along the bad sides, there are always good ones too. Features that make this antivirus unique despite some flaws include an exceptional password manager. However, when you want to have parental control, it’s a must to get McAfee LiveSafe, another product of the same company. Many PCs have this preinstalled. Besides these features, there is identity protection too which makes it the best antivirus in 2020. Furthermore, the list of drawbacks doesn’t end as we have more to it – no webcam protection or secure browsing option.

Kaspersky Total Security (

Kaspersky products are mostly flawless. However, Kaspersky Total Security serves as the best antivirus 2020 for all the right reasons. First of all, it delivers the best overall protection and has almost all the features one would want to experience. The following are some of the qualities of this antivirus.

  • Contains anti-theft properties
  • There is a backup software
  • Firewall is included
  • Best for gaming mode
  • Also has hardened browser
  • Parental control added in the antivirus
  • Addition of Password manager
  • You will get webcam protection
  • There is a virtual keyboard

First of all, the main catch of the antivirus is that you can run 5 devices in one purchase. A two-factor verification for online accounts, excellent detection of malware, and sufficient impact of system performance, this calls out to be the best antivirus. Even with all these pluses, it is still beaten in the competition by Bitdefender Antivirus Plus because it has more to offer in terms of features.

Other features that make Kaspersky Total Security the best in 2020 include;

  • Unlimited services of VPN
  • Ransomware rollback is included
  • Possesses Wi-Fi scanner
  • Has software for all – macOS, iOS, and Android

Nevertheless, when it comes to prices, Kaspersky Internet Security antivirus falls in the mid-range packages.

ESET Smart Security Premium (

ESET Smart Security Premium isn’t anything fancy but has everything you may want in a fairly reasonable antivirus. For example, it has the following features that can stand it out among other mainstream antiviruses.

  • Anti-theft feature
  • A firewall is added in the antivirus
  • You can use gaming mode
  • This has hardened browser services
  • The parental control can be observed
  • A password manager makes it beneficial
  • For the best results, we have webcam protection
  • A virtual keyboard is added

If you want to know about the best antivirus 2020 in Europe, ESET is one of the most acclaimed and popular ones. However, it has a very small performance load system that scans faster. When it comes to detecting malware, the results aren’t as good as other antiviruses mentioned in this list.

Its entry-level antivirus (ESET NOD32 Antivirus) is user-friendly with some additional tools that make the antivirus useful. ESET Internet Security antivirus is all about giving maximum satisfaction to the users because of the webcam security, an extension for browser hardening, parental control, and licenses for software protection. This means it can be used in Linux, Mac, and Android gadgets.

ESET Smart Security Premium antivirus however is ranked on top among other products of the same brand. The following are some other features that are massively missing on this antivirus;

  • No VPN client services
  • No file shredder
  • No backup software

The pricing of these products is exclusively determined on the features it provides; the more the features, the higher the prices.

Sophos Home Premium 

This antivirus is added in the list of best antiviruses 2020 for not one but many reasons. Some of them are mentioned below;

  • Hardened browser is added
  • There is a partial parental control
  • You will find ransomware rollback
  • It contains webcam protection

Indeed, it proves to be the most economical antivirus and offers protection that you can rely on. Sophos Home Premium antivirus doesn’t provide most of the features yet is in the list of best antiviruses which can make you wonder the reasons. Even when it doesn’t offer password manager, VPN services, or identity-theft protection, it still has all the essentials. Yes, it has webcam security and protection, ransomware rollbacks, keeps you safe from keyloggers, browser hardening, and malware detection facility.

Other features that are the part of this antivirus include;

  • Web-filter system for guardians and parents
  • Console for online management
  • Tweaking settings is easy

Sophos Home Premium serves as the best antivirus because it has all it takes to be an excellent yet basic antivirus. Please note that this is not for those who expect it to have an antivirus suite.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus (

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is a product of Bitdefender that claims to protect PCs and other gadgets. What services does it provide? Facilitation is on the following parameters;

  • You will get gaming mode
  • Hardened browser facility is added
  • A password manager is also included
  • Limited services of VPN
  • Ransomware rollback is also an add-on
  • A virtual keyboard and Wi-Fi scanner are added too

Besides these, there are many beneficial features that categorize it as the best antivirus. It is mainly best regarded for the entry-level antiviruses in the market. Malware detection is pretty good if not awesome and has a slight impact on performance.

It offers a flawless password manager (unlimited), a Wi-Fi scanner that protects networks, a secure browser, defense against encoding ransomware, and a file shredder. Furthermore, scans stop when you are playing games on the computer.

This, mid-range antivirus “Bitdefender Internet Security” however possesses the following properties;

  • Parental control
  • Two-way firewall
  • Webcam protection
  • Anti-theft feature
  • The license of working on Mac and Android

On the other hand, Bitdefender Premium Security is all about unlimited VPN services with Total Security. However, the ideal deal is “Bitdefender Family Pack” because it puts antivirus on 15 different devices and costs only $120 annually.

AVG Antivirus (

It’s the best free antivirus that works seamlessly in your device. Are you wondering as to why this is the best one? Below are the features that make it the best among other free antiviruses.

  • It has the emailing scanning feature
  • Games mode is also present
  • It schedules scans automatically
  • Queries and forums are there for support
  • AVG antivirus also has tons of customization options
  • File shredder makes this antivirus amazing

AVG antivirus doesn’t have many features that come in handy to the user. But it surely has some great and basic features that are much more important for a system. So, the best deal about this software is that it has a file shredder and a wide range of custom-made options.

This free of cost antivirus also has a beautiful interface that is pretty user friendly. With all these pluses, we still have a few drawbacks. One of such is about the constant reminder of upgrading it to the paid version.