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Booking from a local car rental company in Chania, Crete



Are you thinking of visiting Crete and traveling by road this summer? We bring you a series of tips to get a cheap rental car in Chania which is one of the most beautiful Cretan destinations.

Arriving at Chania and pick up your rental vehicle with no delays is something that is difficult to meet it in the big multinational car rental companies with the restrict condition terms and fees for every extra you add. So, searching and booking a car in advance from a Cretan car rental reliable company is often the best solution. The 70% of tourists in Crete who come for holidays every year find the cheapest rates and have a real discount car in the local Rental car companies.

Where to book a cheap rental car

To start, it is important that you book the car by the right means. It is best that you book it online; it will be cheaper than doing it directly at the rental office.

Car hire Chania and find different prices according to the car model and duration of the rental.  Check for the optional insurance if you don’t want to use your credit card as guaranty. Also if you have a second driver or unlimited mileage this is most often for free with no additional costs.

When to book a cheap rental car

But beware, it does not consist of taking and booking it online two days before leaving; make sure you rent the car well in advance; the prices will be much lower. In addition, you do not have to worry about if, in the end, you change the travel date. Most companies will let you cancel for free 48 hours in advance and change the collection date without cost or limit. It is better that you book earlier with the doubt that it will be late for sure.

Other aspects to consider saving money on your car rental

In addition to search and finding the cheapest car rental company – taking into account more than the initial price shown in the offer – there are other tricks to save you some money. To begin, do not be seduced by the images and incredible conditions of high-end cars: choose a model that suits your needs.  It is also important that you choose the driver well; many companies will charge you extra for adding extra drivers and another supplement if one is under 25. If you can save that expense, the better.

Sometimes it is key to pick up the car at the airport since you can save up to 25% than if you do it in another office or ask to be delivered at some point. Although you are not going to disembark at any airport, it may be worth traveling there.

Finally, be very careful when picking up the vehicle: check thoroughly that it has no damage, even though it is a tiny almost imperceptible scratch. Rental companies can penalize you for damage caused so make sure they are not going to excuse themselves for any damage that was already there when you picked it up. It is also recommended that you wash the car well before returning it since sometimes they can also charge you money for delivering the vehicle in bad conditions.