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What you need to know about underage car rental in the USA



Any driver over the age of 21 years old, whose driving experience is at least 1 year, can rent a car in the USA. If you are between 21 and 24 years old, you will have to pay an additional fee of about $25 per day (its size varies among different distributors). In New York, it is allowed to rent a car from the age of 18, but at the same time, the size of the additional fee for young drivers is established (from 18 to 20 years old – $57 per day, and from 21 to 24 years old – $20 per day). For drivers over 25, there are no additional fees. Among other things, only experienced drivers with an experience of more than 3 years can rent a premium car.

Surcharge for car rental up to 25 years at LAX Airport

Driver surcharge for people LAX Car Rental Under 25 years old is an additional daily fee, which is designed to compensate for the higher risk of driving a car compared to other age groups. Numerous studies conducted by various organizations of safe transport and insurance agencies have confirmed that up to 25 drivers are at risk with a higher accident rate. This is the reason that car rental under the age of 25 at the Los Angeles LAX Airport will cost you an extra $17-55 per day in accordance with the policy of the rental provider. Sometimes a surcharge for a young driver can be more expensive than the price itself.

For example, Alamo’s juvenile supplement is a whopping $55 per day, not including tax. Thus, being a 23-year-old driver renting a car in Alamo, you will have to pay more than $70 as a fee for minors, all expenses included in the cost of renting a car.

Where is it more profitable to rent a car in the USA?

We were puzzled by this question when we got a visa to the USA, and found out that if you take a car at well-known European rental companies (Hertz, Sixt, etc.), then the price looks somehow completely unattractive. The good news: America also has rental offices: Alamo, National, Dollar – this is what I definitely saw in California and Hawaii. We booked through Alamo. If you access the site through a VPN (for example, using a browser plug-in), choosing the country of the United States, then the prices will be very affordable (almost half as much).

Which car to choose?

If you, like us, are planning a serious route around the USA, it is better not to stint on a comfortable car, otherwise the pleasure and impression of the road will turn into fatigue and irritation. Take the minimum full size (this is a large sedan a la Dodge Charger) or SUV (something like a BMW X3 in size). In large and powerful cars it will be comfortable to travel long distances, carry suitcases, sit back while moving between cities, and in general, the controllability of such cars gives the driver more convenience and less fatigue. Alamo, unlike other companies, makes it possible to choose among machines of its class. We ordered a car class SUV, after processing the documents, we were told from which row in the parking lot you can choose ANY car. In Los Angeles, we chose from about 10 different cars, and in Honolulu – from 4.

What insurance to choose?

On the site and upon receipt of the car, the distributors offer to issue a million additional insurance for everything in the world. But if you are a confident, experienced driver, then standard insurance will be enough, which covers all the risks with a rental car, if you are innocent. That is, if you mess somewhere yourself, you will have to deal with the injured party at your own expense.

How much is fuel in the USA?

In the USA, fuel is much cheaper than in Europe and is comparable in price to prices in Russia. You can refuel in California for $3.1-3.5 per gallon (1 gallon = about 3.8 L). If you are driving through Nevada, where you will only meet the signs: “Next gas 100 miles”, then it is better to keep the tank full. In Nevada, by the way, the same halon of gas is already 2 bucks!

What to do if an accident occurs?

Firstly, try not to panic. Secondly, to call 911, this service really works, and not only in films. The rest is very dependent on the situation, but hopelessness is extremely rare. We got smashed glass in a parking lot in San Francisco right in the middle of a white day and on a busy street. They give an interpreter on / off 911 to/from the most popular languages ​​- this is very cool when you are under stress. The police do not come for such cases but simply sends a protocol to fill out online. In our country, however, he did not get to the end – he gave an error. After calling 911, we immediately went to the nearest Alamo office, and there we were given a new car. No fines and surcharges.

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